Courage to change

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Do you hesitate in life when trying to trust yourself? 

Faith or Fear? You decide. When mingling with the idea of joining this Love affair with courage, trusting your gut/energy to guide your way is key. With courage comes strength and growth in reaching goals in your life. You only have one life, Live it to the fullest! Trust your gut, it does not lie!

Choose Courage to expand beyond the normal buzz of everyday life. "I am so unhappy", "I wish I could find another job", "I should change careers", "I am just getting by financially", "I don't have a retirement plan and it is getting close to that time", "I don't feel appreciated", and so many more defeating thoughts that are the majority of peoples reality. They were my thoughts until I took the leap and became empowered through the courage of starting my own business. I woke up one morning and said, "Self, you are the only one that can make this change!"  "Free yourself to be Happy!"  So I did! It took trusting myself versus trusting others. 

Think about it.  Do you feel secure in the future of your current job? Are you Happy? I work in the medical field and I thought it was very secure. Heck, I thought everyone will always need services in that field, and therefore I viewed my job as secure. That was untrue. I put all my eggs in that basket and all I have heard for 18 years is - funding cuts and possible loss of jobs.  Most therapists have resorted to "as needed" positions due to the elimination of full-time positions.  Great for business, but hurtful to the employees.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. I was riding my motorcycle yesterday and I had a very close call.  I almost wasn't here today to write this blog. It woke me up! Confirming we only live once and we should make the choices that best serve us to live a Happy and Free life!


Peel back the Fear and open the possibility to a greater life with Freedom.

Always dedicated to your success!