Creating New Habits To Become A Better You

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The easiest way to become the Best Version of Yourself is to integrate good habits into your life. They will make it easy for you to do the "right" things for yourself.

Our Willpower is like a muscle that we can work out to make it stronger. To live the life of our dreams we need willpower to Face the Fear that appears, when we step outside our Comfort Zone.

But we can only come as far by willpower until a certain point. Think of a cup of water, when you pour the water out, the cup will be empty at a point. At that point it would be great to have integrated some Good Habits, that you would do per automation.

Today I've started a 90-Day Challenge with the SFM Community that I'm a part of. I've committed to daily and weekly goals in these parts of my life: Business, Health and Personal. This challenge will help me integrate these goals onto good habits, helping me becoming a better version of myself.

When you are working on creating a Digital Lifestyle, like I am, you'll be facing a lot of fears and challenges, so there is no point in making the road ahead harder than necessary.

I'll be sharing more about The Journey in the 90-Day Challenge in later blogposts :D

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