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👉One of the most interesting and easy to invest sources of alternate income is making money online. There are many opportunities available to choose from. You can start making money in no time and it is easier and more accessible than any other source of income. All you need to start making money online is a laptop, an internet connection and in some cases a camera with a mic.

👉A Drop shipping website is essentially an eCommerce store with no investment in inventory cost. In this alternate income source business model, you get to sell products from other manufacturers or retailers who offer Drop shipping. A Drop shipping website or store operates as a full-fledged eCommerce store with its own payment collection system, privacy policy and return policy.

👉You get to list inventory from your drop shipper, and you decide to charge your own profit ratio.

👉Here is how it works:

🔺You make an attractive eCommerce style website.

🔺Using the inventory of your supplier, you import products into your store.

🔺Using the price listed by your drop shipper as a reference, you list prices on your store along with your profit.

🔺When a customer buys from your site, you ask the supplier to send that specific product on your behalf to your customer.

🔺Some suppliers will even customize the shipping labels or packaging to meet your site design.

You will need:

🔺A domain name -- $8 to $15 annual cost.

🔺An eCommerce hosting platform -- $30 to $300 per year.

🔺A nice eCommerce site design -- $150 - $600 one-time charge.

🔺WordPress or Shopify, any one platform will work

🔺Dropshipping supplier, for example AliExpress 

👉Pro Tip: Choose a drop shipper with local warehouses in your city or country.

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