Define What Is Your Financial Thermostat

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Hello my beautiful friend,

 Let me just tell you that the fact that you clicked on this headline and that you’re interested in this topic already makes you different from 99% of your surroundings.

 When two years ago I did the same, clicking on a similar headline, I was about to learn something life changing, although I remember that at that time I didn’t even realize the importance of this information. And only after a year it suddenly hit me…I remember having goosebumps, knowing that at first I thought this is just a waste of time, only because I couldn’t relate to that. After I saw the evidence of it in my own life, I thought how unfair it is that most people don’t even know about this. They seriously have NO IDEA about this at all…

So What Is A Financial Thermostat? What Is A Thermostat  First Of All?

If you’re in a room with air conditioning on, the temperature in that room is set to stay within a certain range. Let's say you set the temperature range between 53 and 68 degrees F. So the temperature always remains within that range, and the thermostat kicks in every time to ensure it's always within that range.

The same is with money... In financial world it means the amount of money you are comfortable with, the amount that YOU have set for yourself.

You may say,

‘Wait, but who is uncomfortable with big money? Everyone is going to be comfortable with it. And even more so, as money keeps growing as comfortable they become with that money.’

Well, I thought exactly this way, too... And that’s not true…

You see, it turns out that being “comfortable with money” doesn’t mean that you want it or that you are ready to spend it.

Being comfortable with money means that YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN HAVE THAT MONEY AND THAT IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL FOR YOU AT ALL. Being comfortable with money means that YOU are NOT AFRAID FROM THAT amount of money.

For example, for a lot of my mates, even for my parents, earning 500-1000$ per month is a hell of a lot of money (If you’re wondering, I live in Russia and 1000$/month here equals 5000$/month in USA ). For some people it’s the top of their dreams, some even are AFRAID to think about that number, because they don’t even believe that it’s possible for them to have that salary… This means that these people, who are excited about that number, who are afraid from it or they think that they can’t have it,  have a smaller than 1000$ thermostat. And it’s very unlikely that they will ever rich that point in their lives or even if they do, they are hardly going to walk that line.

But then there are people, who NEVER even thought that they are going to earn money smaller than that amount (me for example). They don’t get excited from that number at all, nor do they think or act like it’s a big deal to have that money. Who do you think is more likely to earn 1000$/month?

The one who doesn’t even think that he deserves less than that !!

And by the way, let me mention that it’s not like the one who isn’t impressed by that money is already earning that. No. We are looking at the example where both are in the same place, let’s say looking for a job.

In other words, your financial thermostat is your, what I like to say, UNCONSCIOUS ALLOWANCE for certain amount of money.

The amount that you are COMFORTABLE with, is the amount that you believe is completely possible for YOU to EARN. Even more so, you can’t even imagine yourself earning less than that set amount.  

As children, we were taught how to think about money. We were taught how much or how little we can have and how difficult or easy money is to come by.

Rich people never think that earning money is a big deal, that’s why it’s as natural for them as breathing. And it’s not that they are not working hard, believe me. It’s just because they have higher allowance for money to flow into their life.

The best news is that it’s YOUR thermostat and you have total control over it.

You can reset and raise your financial thermostat, it’s just a decision that you make.

And I am going to reveal how to do that in my next post, this one is already too long.

I know that for now you may think that this is not real, this can’t be so easy (as I was thinking 2 years ago, when I first found out about this) or something else, but trust me, you will see how powerful this mindset shift is going to be for you over time.

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Thanks for your attention, and have a good day :)

Talk to you soon,


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