Digital Agency Builders $100K Founders Club CO-OP Bonus Review

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Digital Agency Builders $100k Founders Club Bonus:

What's up everyone, Chris Record here and today I'm excited to be able to share with you the $100,000 founders club advertising co-op and as you guys know recently we've done the prelaunch of Digital Agency Builders powered by Lifepreneur. It has been phenomenal right now.

This is going to be the most exciting video that you've watched, so clear away any distractions. I'm going to spend about 15 minutes with you and we're going to crush through this and I'm going to explain to you exactly how this advertising Co-op is going to work and why you want to take action and join it asap.

You do not want to miss this and let's start by asking you a quick question and that question is how would you like to be included in a group of 500 founding members that each receive free traffic, free leads, free sales, all from my $100,000 advertising budget?

digital agency builders prelaunch opportunity

Well, that's the exact opportunity that I'm going to share with you today. On October first 2018, I'll be introducing the biggest product launch of my career and you guys know we've done tens of millions of dollars in product launches yet I believe this one will top all of them.

The product is called Digital Agency Builders Dab for short. That's why you see me in the orange hat, just dabbing on them, right? They're powered by life prenuer you guys. This is going to be an epic launch, and to celebrate this epic launch, we're going to be investing $100,000 into an advertising campaign.

We're going to rotate your affiliate links of our first 500 founding members as a way to thank them for believing in us during our prelaunch development. This is exciting guys, and at the time of making this presentation today, over 400 people have already joined the founder's club and have already been added into this co-op, so hopefully you get a chance to watch this video with enough time still left to be able to lock in a spot for yourself on the page below this video, you're going to be able to get all the details on how this facebook advertising Co-op is going to work, and I'll do my best right now to summarize it for you here in this quick video, let's start with the most obvious question.

NOTE: If you are on the fence about Digital Agency Builders, as of right now, 431 (of the 500 available) Founding Member spots are taken. You don't want to miss out on this Digital Agency Builders (DAB) opportunity and savings.

Click any link in this article to watch the 25 munite video so you can make an informed decision before it's too late.

how does co-op work?

How Can I Join The Digital Agency Builders CO-OP Today?

Okay. Below this video, you're going to see a button that you can click on to learn more about what we call our founder's club offer. Click that button below, and after reviewing that page, you're going to be able to click the buy button and actually join the founders club.

It's really that simple.

The button on this page will get you started.

Next question...

How do I know if there's still time?


As long as the order page shows the first 500 bonus on it, when you join, then you're going to be included in the Co-op, so when you go through the buying process, it will clearly state you are in the first 500. It'll say it right there on the page and that's how you know there's still time.

How does this ad co-op work?

Okay, that's a great question.

We are actually contracting with one of the best facebook advertising firms in the US, responsible for handling millions of dollars in online ad campaigns. They have a direct connection to high level facebook ad reps, which is gonna give us a huge advantage and running this campaign and the purpose of all of this is to generate free member leads for you that joined Digital Agency Builders.

We're going to have a free level as soon as we launch you guys and we're going to get these leads to you in this co-op. It's simple.

These leads are going to be hard coded directly to your affiliate account, so when they upgrade, you're going to get paid a commission and we're going to give you an earning potential of up to $2,000 per free member if they upgrade to the founders plan.

Okay? When we launch on October first 2018, we will have five subscription plans that members can choose to enroll in.

digital agency builders member subscription plans

As a founder's club member, you're going to earn 50 percent commissions on all of our plans, our monthly plans, our annual plans, and our one time plans. So when I show this to you, just keep in mind you will earn 50 percent commissions for every single referral. And with that being said, let's dive right into our October 2008 public launch prizes.

And remember, this is not what you're going to pay. You are going to be able to join during prelaunch at a significant discount. This is what the public will pay starting in October.

Alright, here we go. Five plans.

You've got the free plan, the Lite plant, the Pro, the Elite and the Founder plan. Ranging from zero to $27 a month, $97 a month, $997 a year, and Founders plan $3997, one time fee.

Let's go ahead and dive into each one of these one at a time to give you a full breakdown.

Let's start with the free plan.

This is similar to like a trial. What it's gonna do, it's gonna allow a member to sign up and be hard coded to you. They're going to be able to secure their username the same way you would secure one on instagram or facebook. They're going to be able to refer friends so they can earn affiliate commissions and they're going to be able to try out the inside of the agency builder's website.

They just won't be able to publish their full blown agency.

Also, we're going to hook them up with training inside of the influencers club, including my very popular social media S.T.E.A.M training, which I've updated and dove into detail with in 2018.

It's awesome. It's training that's going to teach them how to be able to get social media management clients that will pay like $2,000 a month.

It's pretty exciting!

Okay. The next plan is the Lite plan.

This is the first paid plan that we have. It's $27 a month and what it does is it opens up the affiliate club which gives them affiliate training, including my very popular three zero club training that used to sell for a thousand dollars. I've updated it for 2018. It is brand new and it's included at the $27 a month plan. This is very, very exciting.

They are also going to get to use my rap funnels. I actually make these entrepreneur videos. They sell incredibly well. They go very viral and anybody who is in the affiliate club is gonna have a chance to be able to use those.

Okay. Plus they're going to be able to start producing and publishing their agency sites, so the light plan is very, very exciting. It is going to have a high conversion rate, so three members are going to be very likely to upgrade to at least one of these plans.

With that being said, let's keep going. Next...

We have the PRO plan.

This is where they really get into the agency side of the business. They're going to unlock the agency training, which I've personally done the majority of, and it's going to teach them everything they need to know to start an agency from scratch to be able to start it up, to set up their websites, set up their business accounts, set up everything they need to learn skills to have strategies to learn how to get sales and even to learn how to scale up their business.

It's awesome!

Plus they're gonna unlock some pro themes. They're going to unlock the domain mapping feature, which means now they can have their own domain name on their site and they're going to even unlock some of our done for you services.

Okay, so now they've got pages completely prebuilt, done for them.

Nothing they need to do. This again is going to be probably our signature plan. I foresee the majority of people are gonna want to upgrade to the PRO plan, which is very exciting because again, remember these are going to pay you 50 percent commissions.

Okay, next, the elite plan at $997 a year.

This is basically the annual plan and we throw in two months free, plus they unlock the cash flow club, which is going to give them training on starting up a business, establishing credit lines, both personal and business, setting up a business bank account, learning how to be able to invest money they're making back into cash flow, passive investment income like real estate and businesses and whatnot is very, very exciting guys, and there's going to be even more premium themes available there.

And then finally to top it all off, we have the Founder's Club and this is the signature plan. $3,997. So basically four grand.

This gives them no monthly fees, no annual fees. They get access to all of Digital Agency Builders, everything for the lifetime of the company. Not only that, but it also unlocks the entire mastermind series. So now they get the chance to be able to come to in person masterminds about four times a year with us.

This is very exciting!

That alone would be worth it, but they also get to watch all of the recordings of all of our masterminds and most importantly, they get commissioned bumps.

So instead of the commissions that you're seeing on the bottom here, which range from 25 percent to 40 percent, anybody who's in the founder club gets literally 50 percent commissions across the board on everything. So this is all coming October 1st.

This is one of the biggest launches of the year and you want to position yourself to promote this.

And the way to do that is to join during prelaunch.

You guys, right now we're offering founders club at a significant discount, literally half off the price, and we're throwing in huge perks including this $100,000 advertising co-op.

So how much is this worth to you?

Well, technically the value of this co-op could be worth thousands or even tens of thousands to you if the members upgrade. That's the big key, right?

If free members convert to paid members, then dad is going to be make it worth a lot to you, but we can't control the actions of others, so keep in mind that your co op results will vary from everybody else.

This is literally a round robin and we're just going to rotate traffic evenly to the first 500 founders. With that being said, let's play with some hypothetical projections for this co op and keep in mind these are just examples, but we're gonna.

Have some fun with this hypothetical examples.

First things first, a disclaimer.

Some affiliates will make no money, some will make a little money in, some will make a lot of money, including some that have already made money. Keep in mind that the traffic rotates and the order that each person joins, so the sooner you join, the more traffic you get, the better odds you have, the better results you have.

So literally, immediately after watching this video, you're going to want to click the join button and lock up your spot because you're rewarded. The sooner you decide to join. Now, we cannot guarantee your results. What we can guarantee is that when you join in the first 500 that you will be added evenly in the Co op rotation. Okay. Let's take a look at for hypothetical examples. Starting first with the best case scenario, best case, and gradually getting a little bit more realistic and conservative as we go.

Okay. For the purpose of estimating, let's assume that our advertising firm is able to acquire free members at $5 each. Now this isn't just a random guys, right? I've been able to get leads at scale for about a dollar each and a free member is just a little bit more than a lead.

They're filling out an account, setting up the username, stuff like that, so we imagine will probably be a little bit more than the cost of a normal free lead, but we believe it's realistic to be able to get them at $5 each. But you can always change these hypothetical examples by estimating them at a dollar or $10 or $20 or whatever it is that you want.

So with that being said, let's dive into a hypothetical scenario. Number one. Okay. Let's say that we spend our $100,000 and we divide that by $5 that we're paying per member.

That means that we would get 20,000 new members to join digital agency builders for our $100,000. Pretty cool. Right? But you know what's even cooler if those members went to you guys, right? So the 20,000 new members divided by the first 500 founders, that's going to be an average of 40 free members each.

Now it's not an exact science because we're rotating the clicks, not the members. So some members might end up with more like 50 or 60 in this example, while some might end with 30 or 20, but let's just use 43 members as the average. Okay.

So what's the earnings potential?

It's actually $2,000 in commissions because every free member has the potential to upgrade to the founders plan. So let's start with the $2,000 in commissions, but then let's give some other examples where they don't upgrade that much. Okay. What would happen if all 40 members upgraded?

Okay. 40 members times 2000 in commissions each equals $80,000 in commissions. Now, obviously that's the best case scenario and in a minute I'll show you what you can do to be able to improve your odds of that happening, but let's be realistic, right?

That's, that's why we want to start with the hypothetical scenario.

Number one, best case scenario. Let's dive into some more realistic examples. So what I wanted to do was show you the full earning potential. That is quote technically possible. That's the big thing. What is technically possible. So from there, let's go ahead and show you a hypothetical scenario number two, since we need a number, let's use the previous example of $5 per lead and you still end up at the same 40 members. Well, what if they upgraded in this more realistic way?

Let's say 15 of them choose not to upgrade.

They stay on the free plan. You make nothing. Okay? Let's say 10 of them, upgrade to the light plan. That's $27 a month. Ten of them upgrade to the pro planet. Ninety seven a month for upgrade to elite at nine 97 a year, and let's say one upgrades to founders at 3,997. So out of those 40 members, let's say one of them just one upgrades to founders.

So what would this look like? But first, remember as a founder's club member, you're locked in at 50 percent commission. So all those prices we just, we just showed you, you're literally gonna earn half in commissions.

So if your free members upgraded in that fashion, that would generate you $11,800 plus $7,800 a year recurring after that. That's pretty powerful, right? Let's take a look at another example. This time even more realistic than when we just showed you.

This is hypothetical scenario number three.

Okay? Twenty seven, choose to stay free out of 40. Literally the majority of them choose to stay free law almost three quarters, but let's say six upgrade delight, five upgrade to pro to upgrade to elite and zero upgrade to founders. Zero.

Okay. I want to be more realistic here. Now this is out of 40 people, so only six to light five to zero to two elite in this example, if you're a free member is upgraded in that fashion that would generate you 5,080 plus 4,080 per year recurring commissions if they stayed on. Now, that's still pretty exciting even though we're getting conservative, but let's get more conservative and hypothetical scenario number four.

Okay? In this example, we're going to be even more realistic and literally cut these numbers in half and we're going to round them down. Okay? So instead of 5,080 and 480 a year cut in half, 2,500 plus 2000 a year recurring.

And I want you to think about that for just a second.

Look at that. That's just the fourth scenario and the thing is you are actually in control because as these members enrolled, they're going to be visible right there in your back office and there are many things that you can personally do to be able to increase the odds of them upgrading.

This is just more passive examples right here, and again, these are just hypotheticals.

Even when we cut the numbers in half, in the most conservative scenario we showed you, didn't that still look pretty amazing? So let's. I wish we could tell you the actual results you're going to get from this call, but we won't know until it's finished, but that makes it more fun, right?

That's what makes this exciting is that we get to be part of the first advert advertising co op for digital agency builders.

All you've got to do is lock up your spot in the first 500.

So earlier I said that I would show you some ways that you can actually increase your conversions to get closer to that best case scenario that we all want, right? The true win win. So let's talk about how you can increase conversions by offering bonuses.

Okay? What can you personally do to increase your chances of free members upgrading to paid plans like that? Best case scenario, the key is to have an entrepreneur mindset and get creative by offering your own founders club bonus. Okay? I want you to get as creative as possible and I want you to think what is it that would knock people off the fence and have all your free members just diving to want to join the founders club and I want you to get creative that way.

Specifically, you want them to upgrade to the founders plants that you can earn $2,000 in commissions each time. Plus this is by far the best plan for them or even the elite plan where you're still gonna earn $500 per year commissions.

You might want to give a bonus on that. You're earning enough money to make it worth it. So I want you to brainstorm some ideas and we will give you tips on how to do this inside of the affiliate training for digital agency builders.

So if you're looking for ideas, if you're looking for tips, if you're looking for training on how to offer bonuses, this is what I've personally done myself to dominate the leaderboards of almost every single affiliate marketing promotion I've ever done.

I finished first place and like so many different. I mean, I've worn cars, I've won 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 dollar cash bonuses, you guys, I've gone crazy in my affiliate marketing promotion and that's because I always offered bonuses, so if there's one thing I know he can train you on, it's on that topic and that's how you can increase your conversions.

Plus it's a true win win because it helps grow our company rapidly while helping you earn commissions, which is the most important thing. That being said, let's dive into another very important detail, which is the advertising co-op timeline. I want you to take a look at this timeline right here because this breaks down how it's going to work.

On July seventh, we opened our co op. We grandfathered in to the first 400 or so spots to the prelaunch members that were already on board and there was about a hundred spots left. Still available as of the time of this recording.

Now we're going to close it off of the first 500. So as soon as the 500th person joins and we verify that list, we're going to close the co op because we want to rotate that traffic evenly between the first 500 people. Then what are we going to do is we're going to get everybody together.

We're going to make sure, but he's links are set up, make sure all the orders are valid and everything you need. And starting October first we're going to launch our first ads. You guys, this is going to be exciting because that's where we're really going to start to know what's working, what the clinics look like, what the cost is.

I mean all the exciting stuff. We're going to run them clear through from October all the way to December 31st. That's the day that our last ads will run as part of this co op.

Okay. I'm going to take you through the phases, the three phases that we're going to use in this advertising Qa phase one, this is where we're really going to build our campaigns. So for the first ad campaigns, we will be using the shotgun approach with over 100 different low cost ads targeting different niches and audiences, guys over 100 ads, probably like $5 a day ads or $10 a day ads, whatever they might be.

This called the shotgun approach and it's very important when you're starting out an ad campaign. The reason it's important is it allows us to gather as much data as possible on which audience is convert the best, right?

That's the most important thing is data. When you're first getting started, after 30 days, we should have enough of this data to be able to adjust and tweak or ad campaigns to start to make them profitable.

That's when we entered phase two.

This is where we grow our revenue. The second phase is all about making sure that free members upgrade to paid plans that make you commissions, that make you commissions. Our focus here will be Roi based ads where we look at the average customer value that's being generated from the members that joined in the previous month.

So you take all those free members in October and our goal is to see how many of them are upgrading and what is the average plan that they're upgrading to.

This starts to give us an idea of the lifetime value of these customers. Okay? So we know there's always ways to increase if at once we have that data that allows us to be able to grow it and as we started to see members upgrading in a paid plans, we will have more confidence to scale faster, especially as members upgrade to the founders plan, because that generates thousands of dollars.

That takes us into phase three.

This is where we scale the winners. This is where the momentum begins. As we retarget people who clicked on ads 30 days before, 60 days before and now we start to give them incentives to join. These are called retargeting ads and they are the best ads to run because they convert sales much higher than when you target cold prospects.

If you've ever run ads before, you know that your favorite ads are always retargeting ads because all those people from October and all those people from November that clicked on these ads, now they're being retargeted.

We're following them all over the web and we're going to keep showing them ads until they buy or until they joined because that's what works, right? If you look at, most people need to see an offer several times before having the confidence to make a purchase. Okay? This is key radio ads. Think about it...

They play the ad over and over and over and over until it stuck in your head. TV commercials. You see the same commercial over and over and over. That's on purpose because after you've seen it numerous times, you feel confident with that brand and you know them. You like them and you trust them, and that's the key.

We need people to feel confident with our brand, so we're gonna. Spend a lot of money, retargeting them in the third month, and that's where we believe we'll see the best results.

So by pausing the losers and scaling the winners, this will be one of the best advertising co-ops that we've ever run. So what is the qualification for you to be able to join this? Okay, first, let's remember that the purpose of this advertising Co-op is to generate free member leads for the first 500 founder's club members. Okay?

What does that mean?

The purpose is that when you joined the founder's Club, you get the lead co op here. We are going to be showing it to your account, free member leads that clicked through and join through your round robin link.

Okay? So you're going to basically log in your back office and you're going to be able to see leads that are coming through from that tracking, hopefully a lot of leads. In this example we talked about maybe as many as like 43 members. We have no idea, maybe more, maybe less, but this is the main purpose in order to ensure that you get added into this co op, this is what we require of you...

3 Simple Things:

  1. Join the founders club in the first $500. Do this today immediately.
  2. Set up your DAB link. These will be available soon. As soon as we close the first 500 spots, we verify those transactions, then we'll take those people and we will put them into a separate group where we can educate them on how the Co op is working and start sharing stats with them and stuff like that.
  3. Stay in good standing. This means no spamming your affiliate links, no doing anything shady, no fake accounts, no, uh no clicking on links you shouldn't be clicking on, stuff like that. Just be a, be a good affiliate in good standing, you know, and we're going to make sure to keep you inside the co op.

So with that being said, I got three big words for you right now.

Take Massive Action!

As soon as you've joined the Founder's Club, you can immediately set up your prelaunch affiliate links and start promoting to earn commissions.

You can earn $1,000 per sale during our prelaunch.

So this video that you're watching right now, we have an affiliate link that you can use to promote this video, but it's only available to our founder's club members.

So if you would like to promote during the prelaunch and not wait until October, if you want to start making money right away, all you have to do is join immediately.

Right now, turn around, go into the member's area, click the link on top that says, join the affiliate program, fill out the little form there, and you will get your link.

You can promote this video or you can promote a link directly to the sales page, or you can promote a link directly to the order page.

If you have somebody ready to go, all of them will be coded to you from now until October 1st, you can earn $1,000 per referral that joins through your unique affiliate link.

And then on October 1st, we're going to open up our monthly and annual plans, which is going to allow you to start earning residual recurring commissions.

This is an epic opportunity guys, and when you join right now, you can immediately start referring prospects to watch this video so they too can join.

This is exciting!

Earn $1,000 per sale during the prelaunch.

What are you waiting for?!

Take massive action.

Join us today.

Be One of the prelaunch members for the biggest, most epic launch in 2018 Digital Agency Builders.

So with that being said, on behalf of the Lifepreneur, my name is Chris Record and I'm so grateful that you took the time to watch this video. Now I've only opened the door.

You've got to walk through it.

You do that by clicking the button on this page.

Read the next page, get the details, but most importantly, take action before the spots are filled.

I'll see you guys in the Digital Agency Builders members area.

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