Digital Agency Builders DAB Affiliate Program [part 0]

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00:06 What's up guys? Chris Record here along with Peter Sorensen. What's up man? Today we're going to talk to you about the affiliate opportunity with our brand new launch Digital Agency builders, Aka Dab and Peter and I partnered together on this project because we wanted to do something that was our biggest launch ever and I know a lot of you might recognize me, especially with the orange hat.

You may not know a lot about Peter, but Peter has actually been with me every single product launch. Peter is responsible for selling millions of dollars in revenue with me over the past few years. So any success that you've seen behind the scenes, Peter Sorenson has been part of the machine, a closing sales, working with affiliates, building systems, and you name it.

So we want to spend a few minutes specifically on the affiliate opportunity for Dab.

Now to break this down on a high level, there are two opportunities.

00:53 One is during prelaunch, which is now until October first, and the second is our actual launch October first on two totally different affiliate opportunity. So we're going to talk a little about both how you can earn commissions with us and most importantly, how you can get started today. So I'm pretty excited to just jump right in. Let's do it.

Let's do it. Okay. So let's start with the prelaunch again from now until October.

First is our timeline.

If you would like to promote during the prelaunch, it is a founder's club exclusive, meaning that anybody who enrolls from now until October first they're locking in discount pricing, founders clubs, perks.

They're locking in 50 percent commissions and the exclusive opportunity to promote Dab. Okay?

What this means is that any affiliate comes to us and says, Hey man, we love what you're doing. We'd love to promote your prelaunch.

01:42 They can't. They have to wait until October first. It is literally exclusive to founder's Club members only then come October first we are going to have a free affiliate program. There's no requirements at all other than the standard affiliate agreements. And they can promote that plan when it comes out.

Okay. You got to understand the difference pre launch and postlaunch. So that being said, it's okay. Whichever one that you choose to do, and you could always do both, but I highly encourage you to jump on board during the prelaunch.

Let me give you a few quick reasons to do that. Number one, barely anybody is promoting right now. I mean we promoted her list. Yeah, I mean there are literally you're talking about hundreds of people instead of potentially thousands, tens of thousands that we plan on having low we launch, so it's truly a first mover's advantage.

02:25 You know, there's some, some, some things, Chris good talking about upfront requirements to be a part of the prelaunch, right? So it may not be a fit for you, but if it is, it's definitely a true first movers advantage. It is.

In fact, as of the time I'm making this video, our top affiliate has only earned around $20,000. Now, that may seem like a lot to somebody who's affiliates, but really every opportunity, every launch we've ever done a $20,000 wouldn't even rank in the top five on the leader board.

So that is a true opportunity where right now we only have a handful of affiliates that are really out there promoting, which means you can have first movers advantage. You can promote this before else if you want to do a Webinar or market to your list or whatever it is. Most people, the majority have not heard of this yet.

03:06 Now come the official launch in October. This thing's going to be a household name because we're taking it off with $100,000 in advertising. We're going to start branding everywhere. You're going to see the little dab character.

You're going to see the orange hat, you're going to see the branding literally everywhere.

And we're going to get aggressive, hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising. We're going to make sure everybody knows this. So I'm jumping real quick. So I think it's important to share kind of some going to be asking, well, why is there only a handful of affiliates really promoting? And that's frankly because we are keeping this very product focused.

Number one, we invested in a lot of time, energy and money to develop the digital agency builders because we want to be around for a long time, so it's not just something to just promote and make a bot more of just opportunity to make some money.

03:48 We really want to focus it and have a nice quote unquote customer to affiliate ratio where most people are focused on being a customer, quite frankly, going through our training, going to be plugging into the systems that we're building for them, which is why not a lot of people promoting, but that's good for you as an affiliate. Absolutely.

In fact, if I was coming on board right now, here's exactly what I would do. I would join the founders club, lock up 50 percent commissions, and I would give myself an unfair advantage over all the other affiliates.

By promoting during prelaunch, you're going to be able to lock in a ton of sales and prelaunch converts a lot better for two really big reasons.

One, there's a significant discount. Our founder's club package is literally half off, so right now anybody who joins during prelaunch is getting half off.

04:30 The second big benefit is that we're running a $100,000 facebook ads co op.

So what we're doing is we're taking the first 500 people in the company that joined, we're putting them all inside of an advertising co op and we're spending $100,000 of our own money to generate them leads and sales and everything else. So this is converting like crazy.

Once we opened the co op sales prelaunch, sales started flying through the roof every single day. Five figure days, every single day just are in prelaunch. This is happening big time, so take advantage of this huge momentum with this prelaunch offer. The prelaunch pages that we have are converting.

You literally could join today and immediately get an affiliate link and start promoting this afternoon. This tonight, whatever it is. Okay, take advantage of prelaunch. Another benefit besides the co op, besides the discount, besides the exclusive ability, besides the fact that nobody else out there is even promoting or anything, is that we're gonna launch leaderboards.

05:26 All of your sales and activity during the prelaunch are going to instantly put you at the top of the boards or near the top of the leaderboards. When we go public, and I don't know if your leaderboard driven or not, but it can help significantly with your branding out there and affiliate marketing.

When we go live, we're going to show all the top affiliates, all those sales from prelaunch are going to roll over and there's no reason why from now until October first that you can generate an extra 10,000, 20,000, $50,000.

For some of you that I happen to know personally, even over $100,000 from now until October first, just take massive action before we get to the official launch and how that's gonna work.

Do you have any more thoughts or feelings on this prelaunch affiliate?

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