Digital Agency Builders DAB Affiliate Program [part 1]

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00:00 Yeah, I would just say like Chris is mentioning, it truly is a first mover's advantage and if you're someone that's has some scope, has an influence, has a list, there's going to be a killer opportunities to promote during [inaudible] and be able to work with you personally, be able to help set up a private webinar for you to be able to schedule like a done for you emails to promote the Webinar, the Webinar page, crush it.

Like Chris had mentioned, I've done millions of dollars in sales online, high ticket, mid to high ticket sales for the last several years behind kind of the guy behind Chris and the product launches and high ticket masterminds and a lot of things.

So I have a lot of years of experience selling mid to ticket high products and so for us and for me selling a $2,000 offer offers pretty simple.

Our value, our value proposition for it is incredible.

00:41 It really is a no brainer once someone goes through that process. So as an affiliate you can be a very comfortable and confident promoting this and knowing that you have team members in a system and leveraging myself and Chris and what we're doing to help you make money and really provide a valuable product and opportunity for your customers to make money.

So just in summary, during prelaunch, we have one product at one price and you get everything. You get basically all access to everything inside of Dabs.

So it's one product, it's called the founder's club, one price, $2,000, and you just get access to everything at October.

We're going to break that into multiple different tiers that people can join. Okay? And we're paying right now during prelaunch, 50 percent commissions.

And when you joined in the founder's Club, you're locking up 50 percent commissions as well.

01:28 So that's the first part. Now let's transition to October, first and beyond. When we launched in October, first we're going to launch with five pricing points for our one product. Okay? It's going to be called Digital Agency Builders.

So here's the five points in a nutshell.

Number one, you have the free level. The reason that you want to promote for free is that when anybody clicks on your link and joins Digital Agency Builders for free, they are hard coded to you. It's Kinda like a free trial that allows them to kind of experiment with it a little bit and then once they get a feeling for it, they can put down a credit card and she is one of the plans.

This is modeled after services like click funnels or shopify that all have a free membership platform that upgrades very nicely.

For example, I was one of the top affiliates for shopify over the last couple of years and really what I did was I promoted their free trial.

02:15 I never said, hey, go sign up and start paying right now. I said, hey, go sign up for the free trial. You're going to love it. So that's exactly what you want to do. A digital agency builders is tell people, sign up for this free trial. You are going to fall in love with this platform.

So product number one is free.

The next two products are monthly plans. We have a plan at $27 a month and a plan at $97 a month. These begin to unlock more features.

The $27 a month really starts getting them into affiliate marketing.

The $97 a month really opens up a bunch of done for you services and a lot of done for you offers. It's definitely much more valuable, more training, you name it so those products will sell for themselves.

Those are the two monthly plans that's important to have continuity, you know, as an affiliated be able to have residual income, residual passive income on a monthly basis.

03:01 We wanted to make sure from an opportunity perspective to hit some different things and Chris will continue to talk about it. Low ticket, mid ticket, high ticket, monthly continuity have are a variety instead of our one product.

Having several different options for people, a nice progressive ascension that made sense and that's very valuable. It's exactly what we have.

We have a free level, a low ticket level, a mid ticket level and a high ticket level. So on the free level it's just literally free to low ticket. We have $27 and $97 a month plans. Product number four is essentially our annual plan. It's $997. We consider that mid ticket, so they're putting out a thousand dollars and they're paying that every single year and every single year they pay. Of course you're going to get paid commissions and for $997, they're now getting a couple months free of the pro plan.

03:46 Plus they're unlocking more themes, more features, more training. You name it. It's definitely bundled just right where anybody who's in [inaudible], $97 is going to say, that's a no brainer.

You're going to see a nice conversion upgrade level there.

That's our mid ticket price point for those that you want to make a nice chunk of money and then product number five is a one time fee founders club where you literally get everything, no monthly fees, no annual fees.

You get it for the lifetime of Digital Agency Builders, we call it the unlimited plan. This is where your a players are going to go, this is where your leaders are going to go and that plan is going to sell for $3,997, essentially $4,000 on that plan right there.

And some of you might say, well, is that really going to convert it's gonna Upgrade? Yes, it will, and here's why it's going to convert an upgrade is because for that plan we're actually throwing in our mastermind package where people have the ability to come to in person events.

04:39 These mastermind events that you've seen as doing all over the country. We're going to be offering those for those new members at least on a quarterly basis and those masterminds are going to be massive.

We're going to have huge guest speakers.

The chance to be able to network with others, take pictures, huge value, and you're going to get all the recordings of all the masterminds as well, where we're literally getting taught by multimillionaires, some of the best in the industry. So the value hands down is there.

Plus they're getting it an unlimited plan for the lifetime of the program. So yeah, that's considered a high ticket. Yeah, that's considered a high ticket and I mean the mass runs alone in the previous years. I've sold 10, you know, 10,000 friends for instance, for Chris. So uh, for the unlimited lifetime type plan for under 40,000.

Even that as a steel, uh, and the same time we'll talk about in a minute, we based on some changes and things that are happening in the industry, we wanted to make sure to have something that a nice high ticket converting offer for you as an affiliate, but somebody in that same time was not too high ticket because the recent changes we get into that, that's definitely some challenges and something that you want to kind of be cautious of if things.

05:39 People are dropping too much money, $10, $20 grand. The fact of the matter is right now the governments don't like that. And the truth is that for the last few years, my high level masterminds have been between 10,000 to $25,000. The $10,000 mastermind and Peter sold millions of dollars a year.

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