Digital Agency Builders (DAB) Review NEW UPDATE

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undefinedIf you would prefer to watch the webinar replay than read about it, click here.

In this Digital Agency Builders Review and Lifepreneur upadte, you will learn about:

  1. Digital Agency Builders - We are going to cover the official launch, including the public pricing, the entire model, all the training, and the vision.
  2. LifePreneur Update - What’s going on, when are we officially launching, and how can you join and/or promote as an affiliate and earn income!!!!  $$$$$
  3. TEACHING - I’m going to share several strategies for FREE today to show you how to create extra income (for example, if you needed to generate $5,000 extra this month, this would help out).
  4. One-Last Opportunity - To join LifePreneur during the pre-launch at a heavily discounted price, AND I’m throwing in more value than ever before.
    Founders Club - This is an exclusive club that gives you all-access to digital agency builders, as well as our masterminds and tons of extra perks.  You are definitely going to want to consider this.

Quick NOTE: These are the notes from the LIVE webinar that Chris Record did about the new Digital Agency Builders Review and updates. To get the full context of everything here, I recommend watching the full webinar replay above.


If you had your own custom domain name and it mapped to a pre-built agency website and that site had services and offers and ways that clients could pay you, that could be one of the best ways to create extra income in 2018.

Your agency could promote a lot of things.
You could sell your own digital courses.
You could promote affiliate offers.
You could promote your Ecom Business.
You could sell your network marketing offers.
You could resell other people’s services.
You could do “Agency Arbitrage” (i’ll explain)
You could brand yourself better.
You could get public speaking opportunities.
You could promote books, or podcasts.
You could promote your YouTube Channel
You could get paid to review things.
Video Games
Golf Courses
Endles Ideas

With an Agency Umbrella, you could do ALL of these things under one website.

Imagine for a second.

Every course you’ve ever purchased.
Every software or platform that you own.
Every offer you’ve ever wanted to promote.

This could all be done under one umbrella.

This solves the BIGGEST problem in our industry.


Even tonight there are tons of webinars going on at the same time teaching different ways to make money.

You are being pulled 100 different ways every day.

Comment if you can RELATE!!!

So there are really 2 options.

  1. LASER FOCUS - Choose one thing and become the master of just that one thing.  Don’t look left, don’t look right, just have tunnel vision and focus.
  2. JUGGLING ACT - Learn how to manage multiple opportunities at the same time and create multiple streams of income when it’s done properly.

I prefer option #2 - But it’s difficult for most people.

Which is WHY - We’ve been working behind the scenes to create an unbelievable solution to this problem.

I can’t wait to reveal that for you today!!! (but not yet)

Example of Laser Focus:  Sam Ovens &

Is it really laser focus on just one thing?

Or do you still need to become a master of it all?

Become Good at Consulting Himself
Domain Acquisition
Website Hosting
Search Engine Optimization
Graphic Design / Logo Design
Membership Sites
Making Videos
Public Speaking
Powerpoint Slides
Sales Persuasion
Manage a Team
Goal Setting
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Sales Persuasion
The list goes on forever...

So how is Sam Ovens so laser focused?


Everything fits under one umbrella so it doesn’t ever feel like a distraction.  Everything he learns and does, all has to do with the main mission which is growing the umbrella brand, not the individual task.


Example:  A Network Marketer

Their MAIN focus is building their MLM busines.

But their SECONDARY focus is learning all the skills that might help them build a bigger business, including learning about new technology, new platforms, new marketing concepts, ways to improve themselves personally, becoming a better salesperson, you name it.

Their success depends on everything fitting under their NETWORK MARKETING UMBRELLA.

And you need to have an umbrella for your business as well, in order to stay focused.


Do everything under an AGENCY UMBRELLA:

Let’s pause this train of thought real quick and let’s dive into some simple strategies to earn extra income!!!!

These strategies are just a FEW that I’ll be teaching in detail in my Digital Agency Builders program.

I’ll teach you a couple real quick, and then I’ll show you how much you are about to learn in my program.


Buy Something for $1.00
Like a Logo Animation
Sell Something for $280.00
Like a Logo Animation

Here are a couple of things that are VERY in-demand in the current marketplace that can be sold every single day and can be done by complete beginners.

EXAMPLE:  I paid $850 for a custom logo for a project.

***That was actually a DEAL because I used a site where people competed against each other.

***I shared with a friend that I paid only $850, and he told me that he paid over $3,000 for his logo.

The bottom line is that people pay a variety of different prices for the same thing, because there is no central pricing source for any one item.


You can buy a necklace at the mall for $100.  

You can buy that same necklace on Amazon for $50.

You can buy that same necklace on AliExpress for $10.

It’s the same necklace and it sells well on all 3 places.

If Kylie Jenner wore that necklace and sold the same necklace it could sell for $10,000+.

Understanding this concept, that people are willing to pay different prices for the same thing, including being willing to pay full retail when it could be bought wholesale online or somewhere else.

BACK FROM OUR SCREENSHARING (click here to watch video)


I designed logos from scratch with no skills

I just used existing templates and swapped out words

It took less than 1-minute per logo design

Then I animated the logos for as little as $1.00

Several solutions to do this online

Then I created book covers in just a minute as well

And I created assets for those book covers for clients

Then I showed how to create intros & outros for youtubers, as well as several video animations


I would like to teach you how to start your own agency where you can use all of these little hacks to sell services and offers to clients and make extra income.

Plus, you can use them for yourself as well.

I’ve created an entire program called Digital Agency Builders that covers all of this in detail.

Let’s take a look at it!!!!


This is going to be one of the biggest product launches I’ve ever done.

We are literally teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to start your own Digital Agency as a Beginner!!!

You have 2 options when it comes to joining.

DAB (Digital Agency Builders) PRE-LAUNCH


Pre-Launch you join early at a significant discount
Get tons of extra value and bonuses.
You can preview content before the public
You will get your agency site before the public
You can get access into the Founders Club
No monthly fees and no annual renewals
Get to promote the pre-launch offer & earn $$$$
Lock Up 50% Commissions
Lock Up Test Group #1 for Rap Funnels


All the training isn’t quite uploaded yet
but will be soon, since we haven’t launched yet
40+ hours already uploaded you can watch
One Time Payment (no payments plans)



There will be monthly payment available
All training will be live


You’ll have to wait a month or two or three
You won’t be able to get the same deal as now
You won’t get all the pre-launch bonuses
You won’t be able to promote the pre-launch offer


Then I’ll show you the pre-launch pricing





During Pre-Launch, ONLY Founders Club Members can promote this offer!

This is an exclusive for our founders who believe in us and are excited about this vision.

Join right now during our pre-launch for a one-time payment of $2,000 and NO additional monthly fees and get access to everything. <--------

I love people who Take Massive Action!!!

Proscrastination is one of the entrepreneur death traps

What happens is we wait for everything to be perfect.  Our understanding, our vision, we have to get on the same page with everyone, all before making a decision.

So we MISS the opportunity to get in early.

And this is where the wealthy get wealthier.

They learn to jump on opportunities faster than the average entrepreneur.

This is where YOU need to start leveling up.

Learn how to say “How Can I” instead of “I Can’t”.

Don’t let money be an obstacle.

Literally, refer 2 people are you are reimbursed.

After launch it will take just 1 person.

We will be providing webinar replays, all the bonuses, everything that you need to succeed as an affiliate.

You simply follow our training, use your own affiliate link, and promote our webinar replays.

Then, when we officially launch, you can enroll members for FREE and allow them to upgrade naturally as they fall in love with the platform.



No coding required
You simply fill out a form and your site is built
I’ll show you how to create your own logo
How to create your own branding
And everything you need to get set up.

But it gets much better...

Done For You Services Pages Already Built
Done For You Affiliate Offers Ready to Promote
Ecom Success Academy
Fan Page Domination
Tons of Amazing Offers You Earn $$ With

You earn money 2 ways.

  1. Promoting DAB as an Affiliate
  2. Promoting Offers/Services on your Agency Site

You could potentially earn a 6-figure income just from animated logos.

Buying Animated Logos for $1.00 Each

Selling Animated Logos for $275 Each

Net Profit of $274 Per Logo

$274 per day x 365 days = $100,010

So if you average just one animated logo per day, that could potentially generate $100,000 per year income

And Animated Logos is just ONE of DOZENS of services and offers that you can promote in your agency.

And I’m always looking for more creative ideas.

Plus, you can always arbitrage other people’s services as well, by finding great providers and marking up their prices to create a spread (you are the middleman)

Or, you could simply use the agency umbrella for something amazing like REVIEW SITES


How would you love to Get Paid to Travel The World?

Here’s how to do it.

Your Agency has a Review Section.

Reviews > Travel

In that category, you review everything you do along your travels for the purpose of monetizing that content from advertisers, sponsors, affiliate offers, joint ventures and so much more.

If your intention is 100% to profit from being a travel blogger, then you can use your agency site to do that.

DISCLAIMER:  Talk to your account (but it’s possible that it can all be a tax writeoff since your purpose is purely business profit).

Tax Writeoffs are the First Main Benefit.


As you start to do reviews, you can use our scripts to contact businesses and get them to “comp” you things for free so that you can review them.

For example, contact 5 or 6 restaraunts in the city that you are traveling to ahead of time and tell them that you are considering doing a high level review for them.  What you require is a meal comped for 2 people (drinks excluded, and tip excluded), and you will write a review, take pictures and submit the review for them to approve.

If they like the review they can approve it and only then will it get listed on your review site. Also, you are not allowed to tell staff that we are reviewing your restaraunt, so that they treat us like a normal customer.

Use this same model with everything else you do.  As your review site grows, you can start getting comped with everything. Hotels, Golf, Food, Clothing, Excursions, you name it.

The steps in making money from Review Sites:

Money you save on taxes is money in your pocket
Money you save on food/travel, etc by comps, is also money in your pocket
Next you can find sponsors, advertisers, etc.
From there you can start to get profitable.
Then you gain momentum and it really picks up.

What if you don’t want to travel.

What if you just want to play golf?

Well, review all the courses within driving distance.

Review all the restaraunts in your county.

Create a local review site instead and review all types of businesses.


Review Online Offers.

Affiliate Programs, Affiliate Offers, Product Launches, MLM Companies, Book Reviews, Podcast Reviews, etc.


All of this can be done with an AGENCY UMBRELLA!



When you join today, you will also get to be part of the first group that gets to use our Rap Funnels.

There are going to be 100 More Spots.


Then we are going to close that first group off

And test it out to see how everyone does

Brand New Rap Funnel:  Consulting Rap

This is a rap all about Sam Oven’s offer.

You will get to upload this video to a fan page that you create, and then you run $0.01 ads on Facebook to drive views.  The link in the description will go to your Agency Builders Site with YOUR consulting affiliate link.

You will make money from every single sale that comes from that video on autopilot.

And you will get to use MY bonuses for this offer.

All this will be on your Agency Site.

ALL the raps that we promote will be on your agency site as well.

For example:

It might be like this:

That page would explain the offer and the bonuses

When the visitor clicks the button to get started, it has your affiliate link already attached.

You add your affiliate link in your DAB back office.

Then you are going to receive files that you can download plus training on how to promote the video.

There will be several viral rap videos you can use.

Demo the Rap Here:  

You’ll be able to use that rap WITH a music video instead which will convert much better.

Also, you can map your own domain name so that it’s not as long.

So instead of:

It could be:

Now you use that in the description.

Also, we will show you example ads and example audiences that you can use.



If you are on the fence and have questions, please DM me or ask them in the comments live on the webinar.

My team is on standby answering everything.


  • RAP FUNNELS FIRST 100 - We are only going to roll this feature out to a smaller group at first to test the results.  So that might only last about 48 hours since it’s the next 100 to join, and thousands were registered to watch today’s webinar, and thousands more will watch the replay tomorrow.
  • EARN BACK THE COST TO JOIN BY REFERRING JUST 2 MEMBERS DURING PRE-LAUNCH - You only have a limited window to promote the pre-launch then the price goes up to $4,000 to go all-in, and then from there will likely go up to $5,000 and continue to go up as our masterminds get bigger.  So you literally have to act FAST if you are going to promote this at the low low cost during pre-launch. Join today, start promoting tomorrow, or you might miss this window, when sales CONVERT the best.
  • LOCK UP 50% COMMISSIONS - When you join today, you are locking up your spot for 50% commissions, when other affiilates will be earning 40% and 25%.  You’ll earn 50% and 50%. This is a significant difference. Do the math yourself.

Don’t wait because you might miss the price savings and you will be upset when it DOUBLES..

The Masterminds Alone are worth it.

The DAB system Alone is worth it.

The Training Modules Alone are worth it.

Today’s FREE training was just a sneak peek, imagine how valuable it’s going to be when it launches.

Comment right now I’M ALL IN!!!!

Email our support with any questions.

Follow @chrisrecord on social media especially instagram stories if you want to learn about things before anyone else and get behind the scenes.

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