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Digital Agency Builders Founders Bonus LIVE Stream Details

Here's what you'll learn:

- $100K Advertising Co-Op
- Digital Agency Builders Launch
- Pre-Launch Affiliate Opportunity
- How to Earn $1,000 Per Referral

Here's the TRAINING covered:

- How to Create Review Sites
- How to Create an Agency Umbrella
- How to Flip $1 Services for $275 Daily
- How to FOCUS while Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Alright you guys, we're going live on my phone because for some reason the Wifi here at the office is not given us a good signal, so we're going to go ahead and go buy on an Ltd, so thanks for hanging in with us and if you guys watch them live, check it out. We're going to cover the number one business model to be in 2018 and come on over here Peter, check this out.

Our $100,000, our founders club.

We're going to go through some slides and we're going to explain to you how this is going to work in detail, so nothing talking about over here is this little Dab guy, right? You guys see this? This is sort for Digital Agency Builders Dab.

This is going to be a huge product launch because you guys know we've done several product launches ranging from a dark post profits, the three zero club, you name it.

These launches have done millions of dollars in revenue, but yet I believe Digital Agency Builders, DAB, will be the largest launch my career.

Very, very excited about it and I want to invite you to be an affiliate for this launch. I'm going to give you the launch details when it's coming, how you can be an affiliate, how you can make money.

So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start here and we're going to work backwards. With that being said about bombbomb, that's enough of the Dab guy for now up me move him so we don't get him on the ground. Alright, so with that being said, let's talk a little bit about Dab Digital Agency Builders. Okay. So some of the details you're gonna want to know about this launch. It launches October first. Okay. Then launches October first. So put that in your calendar and Dab Digital Agency Builders founders bonus.

Now what we're going to do is we're going to launch with five price points that you can mark it as an affiliate. Okay? So what we're gonna do is grab a few different plants. One of the plants are going to have is the free. We're gonna give you the opportunity to be able to refer people to become their own digital agency.

Though there for free and they will hardcode to you. Okay, so that's something that we're going to refer to. The next level we're going to do is we're going to give people a light plant is going to be a monthly plan, so free is going to be zero. Light is going to be 27 a month. Okay? That is going to give you the opportunity to be able to have a recurring monthly income on a very great light basis. Nothing too major.

Okay. Next number here, you're going to have pro. Pro is going to be a $97 a month plan. This is going to be where pretty much everybody's going to live. Pro is going to be the main feature. That's going to be what everybody's excited about.

That is again going to be a monthly plan. Now they want to get into annual. We've done an annual plan, we are coming in and you lead and along with many other benefits, we're also giving them two months free, so that's going to be nine $97 a year.

So instead of a monthly plan in $997 a year, and then we have what we call our founders plan and our founders, the planet is going to be $3,997. That is in one time fee. So one time fee. So these are here are our plans, free light pro, elite founder and again, like I said, these are going to be launching in October.

Okay, let's go a little bit further here. As an affiliate, when you promote these plans, you're going to earn income not on the first level of free. There's no income to be earned, but what we're going to do, this is where the hard coding is going to take place. Hard coded.

Now, if you don't understand what part of targeted means, this simply means that if you refer somebody for free through your affiliate code that joins dad during this launch, if they ever choose to upgrade, they're going to be connected to you. So when you become an affiliate, you're for people in for free. You're hard coding now, which means that as the upgrade in the future, through that account, they are connected to you, so this is where most people are going to promote all the free training, going to offer tons of social media training, some influencer training.

We're going to give them a tour. It's like similar to like a trial, but they can go out there and publish sites, but they can secure username, they can do a bunch of stuff, they can have a coming soon page, lots of cool stuff.

Once they get into light, they're going to be able to get even more training and what we're going to do over here is they're going to pay you 40 percent commission, so on a recurring basis, kind of like how click funnels pays 40 percent commission, a 40 percent ongoing for everybody that goes in on the white plan, 40 percent.

Again, for anybody who comes into the pro, the pro is going to be a lot better. That's going to unlock even more services such as domain mapping. Other cool things that we're going to talk about that 40 percent, 40 percent.

This one here again is 40 percent commissions, so they enroll for nine 97 per year. That's $400 per year in your pocket and then over here on our big founder's plan that is 25 percent commissions, you'll earn a thousand dollars when they upgraded founders because founders were throwing in lots of real physical costs that we're actually holding masterminds, tons of extra bonuses and you name it. The founders plan is going to be one of our most popular because there's no monthly fees, there's no annual fees and unlocks all of the training and unlocks the masterminds and unlocks all the bonuses.

This is really stacked because obviously there's a lot of money been invested there, so whether somebody wants to start for free, a low ticket, monthly, mid ticket or high ticket, we've got something for them. This allows every single person to be able to participate in this one way or another, and this is great for you as an affiliate because if you have some sales skills, you might be able to create some bonuses over here.

You might take these two products right here in bonus them and say, hey, if you join a leader founder through my affiliate link, here's my bonuses, I will give you a. If you're a good salesperson, if you're not a good salesperson, just let the system bring them in right here and let the system upgrade them naturally. Give people the experience of this platform.

So again, we launched Digital Agency Builders launches in October and these will be the commission as well.

What I want to do and talk about today is we have the ability for you to be bumped up on all of these. We can bump you up here, bump you up here, bump you up here and bump you up here. Instead of getting paid 40, 40, 40, and 25 percent when we launch, if you join us during the prelaunch, we are willing to pay you 50 percent on all products across the board for the lifetime of the opportunity.

So if you want to be upgraded in bumps to 50 percent commissions, that has a special perk for anybody that joins the founders. Plan our founder's club before October first, but we're going to even incentivize that little bit more.

So today I want to talk a little bit about this vision, a little bit about the opportunity and we want to talk to you about this over here. The $100,000 founders clubs, honest, a little bit of time right now. Kind of running through some of these slides right here and kind of show you, you know, this right here is very, very cool. The $100,000 a founder's club. This is literally an advantage and benefit for the first 500 people that join us and as of today, if you're watching live, when we upgraded the website today, we showed that there were 48 spots left and I actually love that. [inaudible]

48 is really cool number. It's actually not the number on the back of the jacket that Sunny D were, so it's like a special number, but what I want to do is I want to go through this with you. Okay, so question, how would you like to be included in a group of 500 founding members that free traffic leads and sales from $100,000 advertising budget? Right? That's a pretty cool opportunity. That's the exact opportunity that I'm going to share with you.

So on October first, as I just explained, I'm going to be introducing the biggest product launch of my career Digital Agency Builders. There's me dabbing on him. You guys, dabbing is fun. It's like dabbing on the haters, dabbing on. Everybody said you couldn't make it.

Digital Agency Builders... this is powered by Lifepreneur.

To celebrate this launch, we're going to be investing $100,000 into an ad campaign of our own money and we're going to rotate your affiliate link of everybody that's in the first 500 founding members. So what this means is imagine if you will, got to draw it, I imagine, if you will, a rotator rotated. So we're going to place this ad. Okay? And the ad is going to have a think and it just like normal telling people to join for free.

So this ad is going to have a link telling people to join for free. What's going to happen is this link rotates, it's on what's called a rotator, and it's going to rotate through one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, all the way to four 99, 500. Okay, so it's going to rotate to that person's link backs that link, that link, that link, that link badly. Keep going to that link in that link. Okay, so the first time that somebody clicks on the ad and it's going to show this person's link.

Then after that, the second time somebody clicks on that ad, it's going to show the second person, this is the order that people joined during our prelaunch and it's going to keep citing all the way through until it reaches number 500, at which point it comes all the way back up here, and it goes back to number one, cycles through.

So we're just going to rotate the clicks, rotate the clicks all the way through. What we're doing is we're referring people into a free account. The free account is going to get them. It's essentially kind of like a trial where it's going to allow them to, you know, create and save their username, that's going to be a big thing. So they're going to be able to reserve their username, they're going to get a coming soon page, they're going to get to, you know, uh, try the Admin area, they're going to get a training, there's going to be like lots of free videos and they're going to be able to refer others.

So literally like there's so many cool things in here, right? So just that alone, it should be pretty easy to be able to get people to join for free, nice sales page, a nice offer and everything for them to join for free. But that doesn't mean that everybody will it. So we're going to pay a certain amount. We have no way to know how much we're gonna pay. But let's say that we averaged, let's say $5, her three member.

So if we offered $5 per free member, if we took $100,000 million advertising budget, 100,000 and we divided it by let's say $5 a member, you're going to get $20,000 members and these 20,000 members or just kind of be rotated between these people based on clicks. So what happens is that this person gets the clinic, we're rotating clicks, not members.

This person gets a clue that person joins for free. They're going to be hard coded to that affiliate. Okay? The person that joined first has the greatest advantage because they got the greatest chance of making it in every single rotation and going all the way to the 500 spot and then closing it off. Okay?

So as of today, there are currently 48 spots left in order to be part of this round robin rotation, which is just a free bonus. This is our $100,000. Our, our advertising company that we partnered with. Oh you have to do is enroll for the program during prelaunch. Lock up your 50 percent commissions across the board and you will be inserted somewhere here, right around here somewhere, right around here.

You will be in the first 500 and then we're going to rotate these links, so this is going to be pretty cool. As you can see, there's a lot of value that is going to be offered there. So again, our main objective, our main objective is to get three members. Let's go back to the presentation.

At the time of making this over, 400 people have already enjoying at this time, it's actually even more 452 people have joined.

Hopefully you get a chance to join with enough time. There's a page that you're going to be able to get more information on the sunrise. This let's answer a couple quick questions. How can you join? Well, right now there is, if you're watching live, there's a link in the description that you can go to to be able to learn more and you should be able to join through that link.

Just follow the instructions, click the button to view the page and join.

How do you know if there's still time on the order page?

Once you go through all the way to check out on the order page at the top, it should. It'll have the first 500 bonus and in the description and the bullet points, it will say you're a member of the first 500. As long as it says it on the order page, it's still active. We're as soon as the offer is gone, we're going to update that order page and take it off.

How's it gonna work?

We're contracting with one of the best facebook advertising firms in the United States. They have direct connection to high level facebook ad reps are just going to help us and purpose the campaign is to get you free. Member leads literally right here is the main thing.

Three member leads. So what that means is we're not necessarily making sales for you. Our goal, really our goal is like 20,000 members. I mean maybe we only get 10,000 members. We have no idea until we run the campaign. Hopefully it's advertising firm does well.

We don't want just people to put in their email address. We want actual real people were interested to get like 20,000 members. As long as we get these members, this thing's going to explode. Then we're going to be able to get data in from those 20,000 members. We're going to see how many of them choose to upgrade to each of the plants.

So there were 20,000 people that came in right here. Hypothetically, 20,000 members and again, that's hypothetical. I have no way to know until it's done, but if we have 20,000 members that came in for free, then what percent would upgrade of life?

What percent would go pro, what percent would go elite and what percent will go founder? If we start to notice a lot of people jumping on the founders plan, that's going to be a game changer for us because this is where we know we could spend a lot more money on advertising and we can be a lot more aggressive if people are only kind of like trickling in.

We got to let the data kind of settling study and so our goal is to get a ton of people in the front door and then upgrade as many of them as possible and see what we can do to upgrade them. So this is kind of like it's a group effort that we're working together to be able to make this happen. This can be very excited. Again, these leads are hard coded to your affiliate account. You can earn up to 2000 per member.

What I mean is this, if you joined during the prelaunch, instead of earning 25 percent commissions, you'll be upgraded to a 50 percent commissions. So that means on this $4,000 plan you'll make $2,000 in commissions. So you'll get like a free member, hard coded to you and if they upgrade to the founders level, you will make $2,000 in commissions right there.

Five subscription plans we just showed you. This is like a little graphic of it. Let it come on over here, Peter Lane, each one for you guys. We'll do our best to kind of give you an up close since we're using the phone and not our system, but here are the plans. Let's start with the first one, site builder, so for free. When somebody joins for free, look at the things they're going to get. They're going to get our influencer training, my social media steam training.

It's going to be free for them to out the system. They're going to be able to secure user name and they're going to be able to refer friends so they're going to get access to training and the Admin area, but when they go to publish a page, it's going to be a coming soon page. They're not going to be able to activate one of the themes and actually go live until they have a paid plan, so they're going to get like all the benefits to be able to get comfortable and be like, okay, I want this for sure, and these referrals hard coded to you, so if they upgrade, you were going to get a commission. Now the next one is the ability to be able to go and start promoting offers, affiliate offers. We're going to give them affiliate training, teach them how to be an affiliate marketer.

They are going to get my rap funnels, my done for you rap funnels. This means that they're going to be able to use my rap videos that they want my consulting rap video, shopify rap video, click funnels, rap video. They're going to receive permission and tips and training on how to be able to upload those to facebook and use those for ads and bring them back to their site. They're going to get the three zero club training. Learn how to advertise those and some limited features, a basic theme and whatnot.

Okay. The next one over here is the agency builder, which is like basically they're going to get all the agency club. It's going to teach them how to start up their own agency, how to set it up. It's going to teach them some skills, some strategies. It'll teach them how to be able to sell and make sales and we'll teach them scaling.

It's the six s's of building your own agency. I teach this personally. I put a lot of time and energy into it and they're going to start to unlock new pages like all of our done for you services, so they're going to be able to on their website, offer things like Seo and whatnot. Really cool stuff, map their own domain and they're going to be able to get some better themes to choose from over here and they're going to be able to join that up at the elite.

They're going to be able to join the cashflow club. They get the benefit of all the cashflow training, teaching them how to be able to set up a corporation, how to improve their credit, how to get a business bank account going, how to do everything under a business name instead of personal, um, how to do things internationally.

Really cool stuff, plus two months free. It's going to unlock extra features and premium themes. And then over here, the unlimited plan, no monthly fees, no annual fees. They get to test new features before anybody else. Uh, it's called the founder's club.

They get to go to all masterminds in person and virtual for those members will have them at least quarterly, some big mastermind they have to cut, but most importantly here commissioned bumps. They get upgraded instead of 40, 40, 40 and 25, they're going to get 50 percent commissions across the board.

That is a significant increase.

Okay. Significant increase. So let's go back over here. How much is this worth to you? We are gonna kind of showed you that Mr d sections. Peter, come on over here and we're not going to go through these scenarios, but I will maybe jump into some training at the end.

I want to go into some training here and let's make sure. There we go. Let me show this timeline. Peter, let's go to. Let's go. Yeah, let's go here. Let's go here to this screen. I'm gonna actually go in and I want to show you guys the actual timeline. I just saw it right now. Let me go back to the timeline.

We're going to jump into training, so this is going to be when the car. Sorry, when did the a Co op opens...

July seventh, so right now that was like four days ago. So what we did was he opened it up and we grandfathered in everybody that was already in all in memory, which is about 400 spots of the remaining 100 spots, about 52 of them. I've already been reserved. As soon as the 500 person officially locks up the spot, we're going to close the co op and that's going to be that for our first hundred thousand dollar a founder's club op.

You may do one in the future. We don't know. It's a lot of work and it's a lot of money. I don't want to over commit right now. And then October first is when the first ads launched. So what this means is on October first we're actually going to have the ad agency kick off these ads and launch them.

We're going to start testing and December 31st and last as run.

So October, November and December is when that rotation is going to happen. We're going to be a little bit slow at first because we're gathering data. Once we see like a good price and good conversions, obviously that's where we're going to pause this. Losers, the winners and you are going to be all set. So would that be instead? Let me jump over here and let's get back into some train. Don't want to do is I want to talk to you about this idea here that a lot of people wonder, like why are we having this agency focus?

Okay? And that's because I believe that having your own digital marketing agency should be the number one strategy that you use in 2018.

So let's just take you for an example here.

Keep in mind I'm not a, I'm not paid to be an artist, so just keep that in mind. And this right here is, let's call this your umbrella. Okay? Hopefully that looks like a, like a person wearing a bra will give this person a hat just in case.

Okay, so there I am with the hat holding an umbrella right here. Okay. So what you have is you have your agency umbrella and this right here is a critical agency umbrella. The reason this is critical is because so many of you have so many things that you're doing in your business and they're all very scattered, so each one of these dollar signs, it's going to represent a different thing that you are chasing.

Okay? And this is like so many people right here, and I want to try to simplify this for you. Okay? So here's you and you've got all these different things that are catching your attention. These are shiny objects, and this right here, this layer right here is shiny object syndrome, but what I want you to do is I want you to put them all under an agency umbrella.

Okay? And what I want you to just put them all under one website. So if you have one website, let's call it your And this one website had all of these things on it. Okay? And there's like really cool stuff in here. If it, if your website had all of these all on your website, so you take all these different shiny objects, you take all these things. Now what are these shiny objects represent? Well, let's talk about it.

For many of you right now, when it comes to the business world, you probably have a primary business, okay? For most of you see your. Maybe you're in a network marketing company or maybe you are an affiliate marketer or maybe you're a blogger or maybe you are literally just trying to make money online and you're for ideas. Maybe bought courses, maybe you bought software, maybe you bought platforms, maybe you've gone to conferences, attended webinars.

This is probably not the first live stream that you've attended, so what happens is without an umbrella, without something to put them all under, what happens, he gets scattered. Right now, you're on this webinar and it can be a distraction. It can actually break your focus. You're focused on something else, and then this stole your focus, but it doesn't have to. You see, once you get everything organized into one site, your, one site, then every time you learn a new strategy, it becomes a skill.

Okay? Every time you learn this strategy, boom, it's a skill. Every time that you meet somebody who offers a great service, let's say you meet somebody who helps, um, personal branding, they do a great job designing logos and websites and stuff like that. You tell them, you say, hey, you'd be a great connection.

I have my own agency.

If I ever have people that are looking at branding. If I referred you business, would you be willing to give me a kickback? They go, yeah, absolutely. So now all the people that you meet at an event, these are now all connections and you can arbitrage there services. You can resell their services. All the webinars that you attend, any courses that you purchased are now going to go onto the skills that you have. Any platforms that you have access to. These are now platforms that you have to be able to make money off of in your agency.

Everything that you do goes under one umbrella. It gives you clarity of focus and it helps you make money. So that's Kinda what I want to talk about. The agency umbrella method. Can you start with something as simple as platforms? Okay. Just to give you an example, okay. An example of platforms, in fact.

Anyway, I'll use my phone because I know you've got my phone. I'll go off of memory because literally I just brainstormed a whole list. I was just going to copy them all down, but I'll go from memory to show you how valuable this is. Just me personally. I'm platforms. I mailed my list this morning to do that. I use a platform called a wetter. Okay. I use that for my email. Okay. That's an example. Is a weber the only email platform out there? No, but at some point I said I would like to email my list.

I need a way to email them. Gmail doesn't let me do it. They only let me email up to 500 people a day, so I needed a way to be able to email so I will take companies and I used a company called a weber. Okay.

Something that simple.

Now how do I get people on my list? Okay. I use this service called clickfunnels, clickfunnels allow me to be able to build my list. Okay. Because they gave you these funnels that people could watch a video and then they could subscribe and they could even buy stuff from them. So this is an example. I use another source. Now I use webinars, right? So one of the services I use for webinars is Goto Webinar and that's how one of the services I used to do webinars and it's just one. Okay. So far, all of these categories, if you want it to run webinars, there's multiple platforms that do.

If you wanted to build an email list, there's multiple ways to do it. If you want it to send email, there's multiple ways to do it, so you start to realize every single thing that it is that you want to do can be done through platforms and there's so many different platforms that you could use. Maybe I want to have a membership site.

Okay. If I want to remember, maybe I use something like Kajabi and there's a guide and I can go have some more for my members to be able to go, okay, well what about videos? If I want to get videos uploaded, maybe I'll use this service call vimeo and that's maybe where I do video hosting, you know. So do you see what.

Do you see?

What I'm saying here is like I'm just getting started and already just in the category of platforms, look at how many different things that there are. Okay. Let's say that I want to build a website. One of the platforms that I'll go to is a site called themeforest to go get a template for a website. Okay. Just like that website.

Okay. Let's say that I wanted to create a graphics or designs. I would use this service call canva and I would use that to make my designs. Okay. What if I wanted to like build a logo? What if I wanted to animate that logo? Maybe I would use something like render for us

to animate that logo. Okay. Animate the logo animations. Okay.

Do you see what I'm saying? What if I wanted to build a mobile app? Maybe I'd use a service like xenical to build a mobile APP.

So bottom line is I can keep going and I have a list of maybe like 50 platforms or services that I use on a weekly basis to be able to grow my marketing fortune. Now, you may not start with as many platforms as me. You may not start with 50. You may start with that handful until you're making money, but once you're making money, you want to reinvest. Why do you want to reinvest? There's two reasons why you want to reinvest in your business. There's two things that you need systems and automation, systems automation.

Those are the two things that you need.

So as your business starts growing, what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to get more things that can automate it, right? You might want to get a platform like ever webinar that allows you to be able to do automated webinars so you don't even have to show up live. You do it once, you create the whole entire funnel, you set it up.

There's so many things. There's rules that you can do. Like with eight Weber, I can write an email, I could write, we'll say 20 emails on the weekend and I can set them up an autoresponder and those go out for months and months and months and years on end. So that's the whole point. You want systems and you want automation, so that's why we have platforms, but do you see how this can all be very, very, very distracting. So normally you have somebody here, okay, this person here and each one of these stars represents these platforms. Look at how confusing this can be to especially this person's a beginner.

Look at this and just platforms everywhere. It's caught their attention, their attention everywhere, right? That's why just like that. That's why I want to give them the agency umbrella. You put all of these under one umbrella onto a website and now they're nice and neat. Organized there are listed. Everything they need is right there and there's training on all of them.

So every single platform that I personally use or that I have good friends using that are friends of mine, were going to come in and we're going to provide training for you on this platform. And what each one of these platforms does is allow two things. One, it allows you to build your own business stuff on it, and two, it allows clients to pay you to do it for them. So for example, click funnels, I can use this to build my own funnels to get my own business.

But if I get a client, a client, my opinion, $5,000 to set a funnel up for them, that's the power of this, right? So the more that you learn what platforms you have, and you put them all under your section over here for all your platforms, you're going to build this out and you're going to build your agency. Your agency is going to have your own branding. Okay? So this, that's the last thing that I want to talk about, digital agency builders and the vision behind it here. Digital Agency Builders.

Let's talk about the vision behind it, right? So if you could just imagine DAB here.

Okay. Dab allows you to do all kinds of different sites. So it's gonna allow you to build up to tense up to 10 basically sites up to 10 sites. Okay? So you're gonna have one agency, you're your own agency, your own name. You see up to 10 sites.

When I say you're on ABC, this doesn't mean that you have an office downtown Las Vegas with 20 employees who you're paying $10,000 a month. Okay? Don't get overwhelmed. This literally means you're working from your couch at home while watching Netflix on your computer.

Okay? You can scale at your own pace, but you can easily do this. You can have your own agency with up to 10 sites. So these you're going to have basically your cyclist and your number one. First one might be like a general agency.

So there's going to be just your general age are generally emc might be like, let's call it like record media group. My last name, record media group, a digital marketing firm. There you go. Record Media Group. A digital marketing firm. I'm going to have my own logo, I'm going to create my logo with cams up, have a little animated logo, have a little welcome video, show what services I offer, show what affiliate offers to their cool stuff like that. Then I might have a couple of water quality niche agencies, niche agencies. What a niche agency.

Maybe it's something very, very specific such as I generate leads for real estate. So what am I do is I might say something like, um, record real estate leads. Okay, record real estate leads now becomes my niche agency and that agency just focuses on one thing for one audience, right? So now I'm going to target real estate agents and I'm going to get the real estate leads and say record real estate leads.

We focus on one thing very, very core. We get, we get leads for real estate agents and I might charge real estate agents like $75 per very, very good qualified lead. I might be able to get them, let's say for $25 I'm making a spread of $50 a lead and maybe I can sell 10 leads a day on average there's $500 in profit that I'm making. Um, by doing lead arbitrage. That's a niche agency, or am I do seo or I might do something very, very specific. Now, another thing that I might do here is I might do a like review sites.

Okay. What a review site is a review site is where I might decide, hey, you know what, my accountant told me that, um, I need to start finding more write offs. Right? So when I go out to eat at a restaurant, if I'm just going out there and go and eat at a restaurant for the purpose of spending money in eating food, then I'm not going to be able to leverage the best tax write off. Right? And again, talk to your accountant when it revolves anything around, what is it right for?

Not because I'm not a licensed professional, but if you went to that same restaurant with the sole purpose of reviewing that restaurant, reviewing the food, reviewing the dish, taking pictures of it posted on social media and filling out the review form, that alone right there. Ask Your Accountant. That can turn a normal everyday transaction into a write off if your purpose is profit.

So what we do is we help you build these review sites where when you come home at the end of the day, you just fill out a little form and it's going to populate and it's going to build a little review page for you. So now you can have record reviews and now you have your own review site.

Maybe for me personally, maybe I want to review technology. I always buy a lot of technology. Maybe I want to review golf courses. Maybe I wonder if you travel hotels, food, restaurants. I will say, where am I spending money, fashion clothes?

Where am I spending money that I might be able to just simply review these products? Not only are they going to start to rank in google, also make a video though, rank in youtube, and then also, um, the, I'll be able to get advertisers to pay me and after I've done this a little bit, I'll be able to go contact a golf course and say, Hey, I'm, I'm Chris Record, but the record reviews, I'd be willing to come review your golf course next week.

I'm going to be in town. If you would like, I'll write a full review for you. All I ask is that you comp around a golfer for me and one playing partner at the end, I'll write a full review on your course and I'll let you approve it or not. Whether it makes it to the website, they say, yes, boom. I just got it free. And guess what? You're making money when you're not spending it, right? So if you're able to keep that money in your pocket, money kept his money made. So review sites is another example where you want to do. What about brandon? Science?

Branding science. Okay.

What a branding site is is you know how many of you right now, don't even have a good site at your own domain name. You know, like whatever. Go wherever your domain name is. Do you own of your domain name, your own personal name and do you have a good site there, a site that you're proud of?

Well, one of the reasons is is because when it comes to our own name in our own image, we become perfectionists and we always want to like just over and over and over. We think about having it for years and years and years, but we never get around to it because we always think, well one day I'm going to sit down and take the time to do that. But that one day takes forever and you're missing all that opportunity to be ranked in the search engines to be getting traffic, leads and sales that whole time.

So with us, you're going to be able to buy a domain name, map it to your site, and immediately have your own self branded site. That immediately has a page that could talk about you, who you are. It's like a business card on the web, best shows up. It helps protect your reputation as people search for you. It's yet another site list and the search engines and you can sell stuff from it. So branding sites and another one here. It would be like affiliate science.


Affiliate sites. So what an affiliate site is is this is where you can promote tons of affiliate offers and earn commissions. You know, digital agency builders down. We're not the only product in town. There's lots of great courses, there's lots of great platforms and you can have your own site that basically every time some new cool launch comes out, you can write a whole like review page about it, talk all about it, show up bonuses you have and put it all right there. There's so many things you can do. So you're going to have up to 10 sites, but the last one I want to show you here is this like a really cool type of site that you can build and you can build sites for others.

It is one of the coolest features. So let's talk about this. So right now I've got a behind the camera. You guys can't see him. I've got Peter Sorenson. So let's give a hypothetical example where it's me and Peter.

Okay. And what I'm doing is I'm a Digital Agency Builder and I have a lifetime account, right? So I can build all of these sites. Okay. So I go and I go build a site for Peter. I go create a logo for Peter. I'll make a little logo animation, things that I'll teach you how to do in just minutes. I go and build the site out for him.

I go research him online and I go find some of this content and put it on there. I spend maybe an hour or two and I built a really nice look looking agency side for Peter, but I do it in my account and then what I do is I go to Peter and I say, listen Peter, I build you your own full blown agency site. Okay. Your own personal branding side. All you need to do is buy a domain name and map to it and it's yours and I could go like this. Check this out, Peter. I'll give it to you for free if you get the annual plan at digital agency voters, so wash you. Don't cite. So check this out. This is a money making opportunity right here. Okay, so I'm going to go back to the.

Okay. Remember this like this plan elite.

I'm going to Peter and I could say Peter, as long as you sign up with an annual plan, I'll give this to you for free. Or if you'd rather choose like the pro plan. Then [inaudible]. The pro plan is where the domain mapping comes in. So you now at least Brooklyn, Brooklyn. I'll give you the site for $200. If you choose the elite plan just to do a year for free. I'll give you this for free, not free, but you pay for a year.

I'll give you the site for free. So Peter goes and does the, does the nine 97 plan and check out how our system is being designed right now from our program. We just had an amazing call the other day is soon as I want, I can send as long as Peter has a username at digital agency owners, as long as he's gone and created his username, I can go in, I can see them under my account and I can go and I can transfer to him and on his side he presses except then it transfers out of my account.

It transfers into his account under his annual plan. Right. So that's like a that's like, I think that's going to be a pro and above or elite and above feature. So it will be probably prone above. So what happens is Peter signs up for an account, so I'm going to give him an a my affiliate link and say sign up for digital agency builders, upgrade to the annual and then I'll transfer the side or when you for free.

He goes into the upgrades. I transferred with site, it's in his account and I freed up one of my spots, so instead of having all 10 of my sites built, now I have nine because one spots available. Then I go build that for another person, another person, another person. See what happens. I can literally flip site, okay, I can go in and I can build sites for other people and go and give them away for free or charge form or whatever, and now Peter's happy because Peter, for the first time ever has his own domain name, has a beautiful looking site, everything set up, plug and play, the power behind being able to build your own sites, but others.

Now let's talk about another really cool feature which is these affiliate offers or affiliate offers. Okay? So inside of your abdomen area, so when you're inside your Admin, you're going to see a lot of.

You're going to see in this section here, which is going to show up authors, okay, and you're going to see all of these offers. One, two, three, four, on and on on offer offer, offer, offer, and what you're going to do, let's say this first offer here is clickfunnels.


so your site, that same person, Peter Sorensen can have his own site. Peter can have his own site, and you can promote the click funnels, affiliate objects, all he has to do, and he's going to say

add affiliate link, add affiliate link.

So next to each one of these offers is going to be a place for you to add your affiliate link. Okay, so Peter's going to go in here and he's going to go sign up as an affiliate and then he's going to go paste is linked there and press save as soon as you press save.

Now on his site, he has the ability to publish this page, so now he'll have Peter or slash click funnels. And on that page will be a whole sales page selling the click funnels opportunity with our bonuses. So Peter's got to be able to use our bonuses. Now this is going to be a game changer, okay, one to get. So Peter's able to literally sign up as a clickfunnels affiliate, swap out his affiliate link, and publish a page on the agency site that we built for them.

We're building the for you. We're letting you have our affiliate bonuses. We're doing everything. Just add your link and if somebody goes to your site, so let's call this Peter Stoner, If somebody goes to your site, they're going to see all about this author and they're going to see this big button right here to buy. Okay? So they're going to see this whole page that's explaining it. There's this big Bible right there.

That buy button is going to be your affiliate link right there. It's going to be your feeling like not ours, yours. So literally one of the most powerful things about these agency websites is that we're going to have this directory of all these amazing affiliate offers where the pages are already prebuilt. They're ready to go on your site. All they need is for you to add your own affiliate link, so you just sign up for all these affiliate programs, adding your affiliate link in.

Now, even like book reviews, like we're going to allow you to be able to make your like top 10 recommended reading list. Do you know when you're going to be an Amazon affiliate? So if anybody goes and buys those books, you're going to get the affiliate commission. We're going to find great affiliate offers. Some of my friends have really good affiliate offers.

To give you an example, you have any Adrian Morrison, the Morris Brothers have some of the best courses and programs out there. For example, Adrian Morrison's Esa ECOM success academy is one of the best programs out there. Anthony Morrison has one of the strongest affiliate programs, so what referred you over to them. You'll be able to go through their process to be able to sign up and become an affiliate.

Every single place has a different way to do that and then as soon as you have your affiliate link, you can come back and we'll build pages for you to promote and we'll leave it out bonuses to them.

We are going to make this as simple as possible for you to make money in 2018. Now this all launches in October. Let's go back here and is this all launches October first on October first through December 30.

First is when features were start being rolled out to make sure we don't go in too heavy. On October first we're going to release with the first set of features and then like every week you'll start noticing new features being added into your account. We want to make sure we don't burn out the system.

We want to make sure like one of my previous launches, smart member, we went too heavy too fast. We added like a hundred features on launch day. Everybody loved it, but then some of those features have bugs. So what we did was we decided we're going to do is a little bit different and we're going to roll out features on a weekly basis.

We're going to start lying and we're going to start upgrading more and more features and then over the course of the year, by January first, this thing is going to be ready to absolutely sales from October first to December 30. First, we're going to invest $100,000 into a co op for you. So this is the main takeaway from today's video. I'm going to wrap this up.

The main takeaway is simply this...

The sooner that you joined digital agency builders in the first 500, you are going to be part of a round Robin Co op. Okay? Lock up your spot as soon as the $500. I've done that first hundred k co op is done. Okay. Right now all you have to do is click the link in the description of this video. Go through and learn all about it. Take your time today, but make sure you join.

As of today, there are 48 spots left. By the time you're watching this, if it's a replay, there might be a lot less, a lot less. There might only be 30 or 20 or 10, made sure to lock up your spot. We're giving you a massive savings right now during prelaunch and huge savings. So what are some of the benefits during prelaunch, you're going to be able to lock up 50 percent commissions. You're going to get a huge savings.

You're going to get a lifetime account grandfathered for the life of digital ABC builders. You're going to have an account with us. You're going to be part of this co op, right, which is going to be amazing. We're going to have a private group for it and everything, free traffic leads and hopefully sales for you, but beyond all of that, you're also going to be able to promote during prelaunch.

The only people right now that have an affiliate link to promote this are the founder's club and it's, look, it's only a handful of people, right? Only a hundreds of people, most of which are not super affiliates.

So right now all you have to do, you can share this very video right here with your affiliate link. As soon as you joined the founder's Club, immediately go into your member's area, click the affiliate link, become an affiliate button, get your affiliate link, and starting today you can refer people and get this.

We will pay you $1,000 in commissions per referral like call internationally, just raked in over $20,000 just by referring people. And that was without even this video. Okay, so literally whether you want to make an extra thousand, 10,000, 20,000 or more, that opportunity exists. And if you're a super affiliate, if you have a track record of dominating launches, do you have a track record to be able to, you know, put your name on leaderboards and fill up webinars.

Then reach out to me personally, send me a direct message and we might be able to set up a custom Webinar for you. As long as you have a track record, I'm going to Peter Sorensen follow up with you. We'll set up a Webinar, get you know, four or 500 people on that Webinar and someone from our team will come out and we'll present this and all you gotta do is throw a founder's club bonus on there.

Okay, we've already got an amazing deal with Coop and everything. You throw your own bonus on there and there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do 20,000, 50,000 or even $100,000 in commissions in a single webinar if you prequalify people. Right? So if you're looking to run with us, this is going to be one of the biggest launches of the year, Dab Digital Agency Builders. You can be an affiliate during prelaunch.

And then when we launched in October, it's all about hitting the ground running. So this is an amazing opportunity putting everything under one umbrella for you, simplifying your life and your business. If you want more information, I've got a very detailed layout on three webpages. All you have to do is go to life prenuer

And if you want information on the co op life prenuer forward slash one zero, zero k, 100 k come up or even easier click the link in the description of this video. So with that being said, it's time for me to go grandma and brother. I'll get back to work and I'll see you guys inside the members area piece.

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