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how to make money as a stay at home mum

I have been learning how to make money as a stay at home mum online and it has been really helping to grow my butterfly garden!  Wait what has money got to do with butterflies!?

I have butterflies on everything I own, they are on my logo, notebooks, Filofax, tops, scarves, handbag, necklaces, clock; anywhere I can put them in plain sight and get away with it! (I can’t put them everywhere as I am already in trouble with my 7 year old son for making Daddy sleep in a pink bedroom! Oops!).

I think most people assume I just surround myself with the butterflies because I think they are pretty, (which of course they are).  I let most people believe this, but I have my own secret reason!

What Do The Butterflies Represent?

To me the butterflies represent money, and in particularly, wealth.  Wealth can be defined as not having to work for your money anymore, you can live off of the money that your investments bring in without physically working for it. Doesnt sound anything like a butterfly right?  Let me explain!

“Wealth is not how much money you have.  Wealth is what you are left with when you lose all your money”

In Roger Hamilton’s book ‘Your Life, Your Legacy’, he describes wealth as being like a butterfly garden, where the Garden (wealth) is permanent, and the money (the butterflies) are temporary and transient.

Catching Butterflies With a Net

Some people run around trying to catch the butterflies with nets.  They read books on how to catch butterflies quickly, get bigger nets, hop around different places and catch them here, there and do well.  The trouble is that the butterflies can escape and never come back, and you also have to wake up every day to catch more.  The more butterflies you are trying to keep hold of, the harder it becomes!  There is also the threat that someone else will come along with a bigger net on a longer stick and catch your butterflies!

“When the butterflies fly off, you are left with nothing”

Attracting the Butterflies to your Garden

Successful Wealth creators don’t run around with nets, they focus on growing a garden to attract, inspire and feed the butterflies.  This way they grow something permanent around them and as it grows and comes to fruition, the butterflies come too. A mature garden takes less time to manage while the butterfly number continues to rise!  They are not worried about the butterflies leaving, as there will always be more being attracted, if someone takes the butterflies, more will come back the next day.

"The grass isn't greener on the other side, it's green where you water it"

Focus on building your butterfly garden from the foundation rather than chasing butterflies with a net. Water and fertilise it with knowledge and weed out the negative thoughts that can bind you down. Build your skills, your list, your network, a great reputation and your own resources.  This will be your garden which is built around your passion and purpose.

How can you build your own Garden?

So, I surround myself with butterflies, I put them everywhere in plain sight so that I notice them and they remind me on a daily basis to ask myself “Have I done something to grow my garden today?”.  If the answer is no, then I get right on it! I learn how to make money as a stay at home mum every day and build these skills. I make sure I learn something new and relevant that I can put into practice and grow my garden.

Having Mentors helps a lot here as I can get my ideas to get results so much faster.  They keep me on the straight and narrow and walk me through how to grow and build everything, I do it all in a step-by-step basis with them and I haven't looked back since.  They have really helped speed up my results.

I am building my skills and Butterfly Garden every day. There is no better place to start and grow a business RIGHT NOW than on the internet!
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Butterfly Photo by Kim Smith

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