Do We Still Have Indentured Slaves?

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Do we still have indentured slavery in this day and age?  At first glance, one might be tempted to say no, that was abolished in the Civil War.  But was it really? If you look at the facts, the Civil War that the US fought had little to do with slavery.  It was more a war that Abraham Lincoln thought was necessary to preserve the US from becoming two different countries.  President Lincoln, himself, owned several slaves.  What are indentured slaves?  They are people who have agreed to be given something, and in return they must give the person who assisted them a return on the person's investment by working for them, until the investment has been paid off.  If the person was unscrupulous, which many are, that means working for far more than the original investment.

In my life, I have seen many people who are living in what I call the "Big Lie".  What do I mean by this?  How are people in this day and age of information being deceived?  From the moment we are first born, we are fed a steady diet of what we need to do to function in society.  Anyone who deviates from this is considered strange or abnormal or maybe even criminal.  In lots of cases, the things we are fed are very worthwhile and good for us.  Such things like proper manners, courtesy, being polite, and such.  

However, too often, we are also told that we need to get great grades in elementary school and high school.  Then we can go to college or a trade school and study to be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, and so on.  

I was told all these things growing up.  What I soon came to learn was that to go to college or trade school, it required money and usually lots of it. Unless you knew someone very well to do or had a large storehouse of money, it was pretty difficult to come up with upwards of $100,000 to attend college or even $5,000 to attend a trade school.  So, a person then is left with getting the funding another way.  Usually that way is in student grants and loans, or in the case of most trade schools, you were told that if you went to this or that school, the company that hired you, would pay for it and as long as you successfully completed the work, you were given a job.

Once, we accept the terms of the loan or accept the offer to have a future employer pay for the schooling, we are then told there is no payment until you graduate or quit school. However, when that graduation occurs, we are given the bill.  In trade school, you are paid less until you pay off the cost, and often have to stay with them for a certain amount of time. in college, you have to pay off those staggering loans by often working in an area that has nothing to do with what you studied to begin with.

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