Do We Still Have Indentured Slaves: Part II

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In my last article, I wrote about how we can become indentured slaves by accepting student loans that we work the rest of our lives to pay off, that we also become indentured slaves by letting an employer pay for our training or trade school, and in return, a person is forced to work for that employer for a length of time.  Both of these ways are very life draining and both though they may not seem like it, are very much dream killers.  They tell us that we should never dream of anything more and that if we do, we will never succeed.  

However, there is yet another way to become an indentured slave.  One that sadly, most Americans, if not the world, fall victim to.  That is debt. Now when I say debt, I am not talking the good kind of debt, which is borrowing money for something that will gain in value, ie a house or business.  I am rather, talking about the other kind of debt, credit cards, automobiles, and other things that the value of such, will diminish and not increase.  Yet we must pay the full value, though it is not worth that anymore.

When we incur bad debt, we willingly become slaves to the very institutions that in fact should be working for us.  We are forced to work for those who have loaned us the finances to buy these things, if we don't, they can and will send people to take back what they gave you the money to buy.  So, once again, we feel as if there is no option but to keep on working for an employer vs finding a career that we can write our own pay check.  After all, when working for an employer, the drawback is that you can only earn so much money, and that is it.  After that, you either have to fight for a promotion or stay stuck where we are at.  

BUT, what if, maybe just maybe there was a light shining through to guide you out? Something you could do part time to earn a higher paycheck to pay off those bad debts and in the future, actually be able to in time, buying those things that won't gain in value, in plain, hard, cash.  The joy of walking into a car dealership, and because you have money in hand, negotiating a better deal. Or the happiness of seeing one of your debts with the stamp that says "Paid In Full". And have that paid ahead of schedule.  Wouldn't that almost be like the fabled Golden TIcket?  Such a life is possible but only if you take the action to make it so.  

It will not happen, working for somebody else.  After all, as previously mentioned, they have caps on how much you will earn.  It will only happen, when we step forward and take control of the reins of our life.  Such an opportunity is before you now, to find out how you can free yourself from the burden of being enslaved to debt and have the ability to not have that stress hanging over you anymore, please click on the banner below, and sign up for a FREE video series on a business opportunity being offered to you at this moment.  As Einstein once so eloquently put it, "Insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result."  You can work the rest of your life to slowly pay off the credit cards and bad debts, or you can take action now, and live a more free life.  The choice is entirely yours.

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