Do We Still Have Indentured Slaves? Part III

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This is the last segment in my series of being an indentured slave.  In the first part we found that most are slaves to a system, where somebody pays for you to learn a trade or you get student loans to pay for an education and spend the rest of your life paying that loan off.  Or have to spend several years, working for a company that pays for your education.  In essence, you are an indentured slave, who has little choice but to work for someone until your debt is paid off.

The biggest crime, most don't even know they are enslaved, they just accept it as natural. In a country that boasts itself as the land of the free, that makes little sense.  Take the industry I used to be a part of, trucking.  You will see advertisements all over the place about learn to drive and become free.  They don't tell you that you are then required to work for the company that paid the training until you are ready to sign the dotted line, and usually they don't put it in an area that you will readily see. They also, usually minimize the fact that you will be out for weeks at a time and next to never see friends or family.  Anybody, who drives for a living, knows what I am talking about.

But, it seriously doesn't have to be that way.  There is an option, where you are able to work from the comfort of home and in an very supportive community of people, who will bend over backwards to see you are successful.  It's a business system that has been proven time and time again, and will work, if you are willing to put the effort into learning it.  If you are not going to get to where you want, doing what you are doing now, then you need to change direction with a system that will help you realize your dream.  Press HERE or press the banner below, if you would like to get a seven day video series talking more about the benefits of such a company. It's a no obligation way to find out if this would be something for you.  

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