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What a beautiful time to exist, with massive opportunities we see daily. However, not all the people are seeing these opportunities and experiencing a level of success in their lives. Myles Munroe once said "when purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable". Today, how many people are losing their precious time or misusing their time because of not knowing or not discovering their purpose in life. 

If you have followed my previous blogs, you would tell that I value time very well and I advocate for the best use of our time. Isn't it wonderful to wake up each day knowing that you are on course with your life goals and are making a difference in the lives of others to make them fulfilled. Your life purpose is usually connected to other people i.e in yhe value you are adding to others. So you may ask, 'what has that to do with dreaming big and living big?' My answer would be 'it has everything to with that because a bigger purpose and goal should move beyond the I to the We'.

A perveted perception of life is the one which only puts self interests, while missing the bigger picture of value addition. The world is not looking for how much you know but how much you care. As part of dreaming big and living big, deal with your values, personality and core beliefs first. I have come to realise that even an introvert can become a 'larger than life' character when they are flowing in their purpose, doing what they love and serving others.

Dream big and live big. Don't wait for a huge bank account before you start living. Dreamers don't dream while sleeping, they dream awake and concurrently live that dream. Vincent Van Vogh a famous painter once said, " I dream my painting then I paint my dream". 

To achieve big things is life and to live large,you must constantly visualise your goals and of the kind of life you want to live. Keep seeing it visually and even get to a point where you begin to feel that way. For example, you may desire or visualise yourself running a successful online business, so you then keep reading books or attending workshops of like minded entrepreneurs and before you know it you begin to feel that way. Same if you wanted a Mercedes Benz car but have no money, you can physically go to the Merc dealership to prepare your mindset and even test drive, so that you create s feeling of owning that car.

The same goes to life; be an individual who celebrates little victories, who explore new places/ foods/cultures, meet new people and who involve themselves in fun activities. Do crazy things you have never done before, meet with fellow dreamers whose dreams are bigger than yours, keep yourself around positive mind building motivators, and go into environments which challenge your mindset and worldview and stay in a zone of loving others. 

See dreaming big and living big as inseparable. Don't wait until you have plenty of money to enjoy your life. Keep things simple and if you have to, lose weight so that you feel good about yourself. Keep focussed on doing one thing at a time or achieving a single thing on a daily basis and once you have done that, it becomes easier to build on that. Such a trajectory would set you up even for bigger targets in future.

The modern digital economy is allowing people to easily access information, education, transact and connect with customers and business partners alike. This era is exciting for those who embrace it but it is also depressing for those who are not prepared and who don't embrace it. For dreamers like me,let's collectively embrace the digital space and start online businesses which will give you the life freedom, financial security and fun you need in life. Welcome to fulfilment. Dream Big, Live Big and have Fun! 

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