3 Easy Steps To Avoid Your Dream To Be Stolen

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You know what you know, and that keeps your dream alive

All people have goals in life and great projects generally starts with a dream. Some people can easily visualize their ideas and transform them into concrete projects. With a clear vision, mission and plan, nothing can stop them.

Other people, can have problems to turn the dream into something tangible and workable. These people are usually more vulnerable when confronted with negative people and negative comments.

For sure you have gone through things in life that started on a very high level of enthusiasm and motivation and suddenly died out as the energy dropped dramatically after a negative attack.

The negativism can come from many different sources. When it comes from a random unknown person, usually you don’t care. But often the negative vibes can come from friends, family or other people having a close relationship with you.

There are two types of negative attacks:

  • Individuals who don’t want you to achieve success. Normally, they are jealous, and you should seriously consider if they are real friends.
  • People who don’t want to take your dream away from you, but with an honest aim trying to “help” you to not fail with what you’re attempting to do

Your Dream Is Your Dream

Your dreamThe well-known history about how Thomas Edison tried and failed thousand of times when inventing the electric light bulb, is an excellent example of how a well-transformed dream into a serious project could continue in spite of all negative comments he got whole the time.

It was his dream, and no one could take it away from him!

As an online marketer, we often get comments from people around us, like:

“Don’t waste your time and money on that.

“Be careful, it’s a scam, and you will never be able to earn money that way.”

Again, if the comments are coming from people close to you, they don’t want to hurt you, but…and here is the thing:

They know what they know, and they don’t know what you know.

What does this mean?

Most people still have a traditional 9-5 job, working 40 hours per week, get their monthly paycheck and a fifty dollar watch when retiring at the age of 60 or 65. That is what they know.

In their world doesn’t exist, yet, the new way of living, making business online and enjoy life on your own terms. The possibility to write your own paycheck based on the work effort you put into your business is still a phenomenon that will take some time to be formally accepted as a true way of living. It's just..."too good to be true."

The advice is not to argue with these individuals. You know what you know, and that is sufficient for you to be successful and achieve your goal.

Surround Your Dream With Like-minded People

There is an expression saying something like:

“Tell me with whom you hang out, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Successful people spend time with individuals who are like-minded and preferably know more than what you do yourself. After all, you want to learn things, right?

To protect and feed your dream you need to avoid negative people and instead, search for people who have the same mindset as you have. If the negativism is coming from your own family members, which isn’t that uncommon, make a deal with them. Either you spend some time to explain what it’s all about and hopefully get rid of their negative attitude, or just agree on to not discuss your project at all within the family.

It’s important to attend all kind of masterminds and live events within the community of your business platform, to get inspired by like-minded people in the community. With them, productive, motivating and inspiring talks always will take place. You’re sitting in the same boat and crossing the same ocean. A team effort will always be stronger.

When visiting other places than your hometown, the best you can do is to search for people to hang out with, learn new things and get new like-minded friends. There is a website, Meet Up, that I highly recommend where you can connect with like-minded people wherever you are in the world.

Show The Results Of Your Dream

Part of your entrepreneurial work is to be open for advice and recommendations along the way. Your dream should always have a continuation before the action can start. The vision and the mission are the first two cornerstones in your project. The two other important pillars are the budget and a detailed action plan.

The result of a dream

All the comments, including the negative ones, listen to them, analyze them and do something with them. With a correct mindset, sometimes the most negative comment can have some piece of content that can serve you in the fine-tuning of your project.

When the first results start to appear, then it’s time to show them. Show them to people who didn’t want to hurt you with their negative comments, as they by now finally will get to know what they didn’t know.

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