Effective Public Speaker - Part 4 of 4  - Delivering your talk fluently

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Delivering your talk fluently


One of the most precious commodities craved by most public speakers is fluency in their delivery.

Why be Fluent?

Fluency in delivery is important because lack of fluency distracts your audience and may make your listeners mind wonder. You want their full attention. So master fluency in delivery.

How to be fluent?

They are a number of ways to become more fluent in your delivery, including the following ways:

  1. Practise reading out loud as many times as possible.

  2. Practise your delivery as many times as possible before the actual public delivery.

  3. Look up words in the dictionary, for ones you are unsure of.

  4. Deliver your talk in a relax pace, which is not too slow and not too fast.

  5. Be in the practice of increasing your vocabulary by being studios, as shortage of vocabulary could cause lack of fluent delivery.

  6. Avoid mannerisms that cause lack of fluencies, such as people always saying “ormm” before any sentence is made. Note that you might not be aware of your mannerism, and this leads to the next point.

  7. Ask friends to give you honest feedback as you practise your delivery before them. Also, ask them to make a count of how many times you use mannerisms.

  8. Avoid needlessly interrupting yourself, only to start the sentence over again. Rather, pause very briefly before making any sentence, and then take time to simply make the sentence in a nice steady easy pace.

  9. Learn from speakers you admire. It so easy to learn from these from their podcast, videos, articles or when we meet with them in person.

  10. Seek professional help if you stutter and you find it difficult to break through with this type of speech impediment.


In general, keep practising and never give up in improving becoming an effective public speaker.


Chuck Matthews

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