Eliminate your financial problems by getting out of your rut

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''When you're in a rut you have to question everything except your ability to get out of it''

Twyla Tharp

No matter how financially sound you are at one point, life could create instances that have you part with your funds against your will. It could be due to a medical emergency, due to a loss of a high paying job, the loss of health, or the loss of a loved one whose income you depended on heavily.


Regardless of the cause, you may find yourself stranded within a midst of financial problems. The only thing on your mind at that point is to find a solution to get out of rut. And to restore your life the way you knew it.


How Can Financial Problems Affect You


In a metaphorical sense, to say that financial problems can knock the living breath out of you would be an understatement.

From your living expenses to your house’s upkeep; and from taking care of any health issues to making sure that your family and dependents do not feel like they are a burden on you; a shortage of money could affect multiple aspects of your life at once.

How these financial problems can affect people in the current day and age is even more significant. You’d think that with the advancements that we have made as human beings, the financial markets or governments would be more prepared to help those who want to get out of a rut. Unfortunately, the reality is a lot different than that. It may seem like it is hard to get out of a rut but the potential is always there.

If you run into a financial cul-de-sac in the current day and age, then the issues that could affect you may include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Your rent or mortgage payments can be affected. Depending on your housing options, your regular payments could get delayed. That could land you in trouble with your landlord or your bank. On the other hand, if you own your house without mortgage, then you may not need to worry about this aspect.
  • Your bills can get delayed. Financial problems can affect this aspect the most. Any bills for utility or your children’s tuition fees can be delayed right after you miss a paycheck.
  • The home expenses such as groceries can get affected. There’s no worse feeling in the world than knowing that you may not have a sufficient meal to eat or provide to your family in the near future. But sadly, if things continue getting worse, then this couldn’t be far off the line.
  • Your credit score could go down. This is another reason why it is so important to get out of a rut. If you don’t find a solution to your financial problems in time, then any underlying repayments in terms of student loans, personal loans or credit card bills could affect your credit rating. This could have long term effects on your overall lifestyle.
  • Your medication or access to healthcare could become out of reach. If you are on regular medication, then paying for your insurance or simply for the medication could become difficult. Similarly, this could also affect the access to healthcare for yourself or your loved ones.

These issues are some of the most glaring problems that you could face while trying to navigate your way to get out of rut. The issues vary from person to person since no life is the same in terms of circumstances. However, one thing that is common between those who struggle through such issues is the sense of wanting to anything to be able to turn their life around.

Fortunately, there is more than one way to try and achieve that feat.


Starting an Online Business to Get Out of Rut



In case you are currently finding a job, are currently waiting to start one in a few weeks, or haven’t been able to find work at all, then starting an online business just may help.

An online business is a great choice to start over because you do not have to invest as much money as a brick and mortar business; especially if it’s money that you do not have in the first place.

Having an online business also helps you explore a wide array of possibilities before you lock one down and try to carve your niche within it. For instance, you could start your own store on Etsy for minimal prices and start selling hand-crafted items to hundreds and thousands of people for a nominal fee to Etsy. On the other hand, you could also start something as simple as consultation within your area of expertise, for which you only require a website and a few communication tools to start your new online business.


These ideas can be executed even in the midst of financial problems. Actually, they can be very effective in helping you get out of rut.


The investment ratio to the possibility of revenue is significantly high. It is mostly because building an online business requires extensive efforts. But putting in the required amount of time wouldn’t be an issue during your current period of being without a job.

The following are just a few ideas of online businesses that could help you start your own venture with minimal startup costs and get out of rut in a timely manner.


Affiliate marketing

Possibly the most cost-effective way to start, as you do not even have to sell your own products. You choose the merchant you would like to market for and simply direct customers to a merchant’s site. They do the rest! The start up costs are incredibly low and this is a brilliant option to get started if you’re brand new to online business. If you’re interested in this business model but do not know where to start, click the link below to receive a series of free videos that will teach you from scratch how to do this. It’s much easier than you think and you can start up in no time.



Signup with a Third-party Marketplace

Platforms such as Etsy or eBay allow you to sell your handcrafted products; the latter even allows you to sell used items. These platforms also do not charge you as much. Plus, the surefire traffic that comes to these sites could work to the benefit of your online business as well.


Start a Consultation Business

If your previous job involved communicating with clients and providing advice, then you can also start a consultation business. The online business could be operated via a niche platform or through your own website. In the case of the latter, you will have to spend money towards some form of marketing, however.


Operate a Virtual Firm on an Online Staffing Platform 

Another way to start your online business is by starting a virtual firm on an online staffing site such as Upwork.com. These websites let you operate a virtual company where you can provide services that you have expertise in. The setup fee on these websites is minimal, while the exposure that you get is significant.


10 Tips on How to Get Out of a Rut


Starting a business over the web is not always butterflies and roses. 

Just as in any other business startup it requires time and investment. But here’s the difference, also known as the good part! If you’re not currently employed, you have the time to invest, and if you’re already employed, you can take things at your own pace, because it’s yours!

Best of all, the startup costs are miniscule compared to traditional bricks and mortar business.

But where do you begin? Most people think that you need to be tech savvy and have business experience to start an online venture. This is not a job interview where you have to prove your experience and try to convince someone you can do the job.

How many times have you applied for a job that you have the credentials for, but you still require training to do the job?

Starting your own business means that you don’t have to convince anyone, but yourself, of your capabilities and strengths. This is something that can be done from scratch whether you have experience or not.

All it takes is to start.

So here we go.


Step 1: First things first, get your mind in order



1.     Have a goal and put mind over matter

Let’s assume you are nowhere near starting an online business. You know nothing about computers, business or anything in that arena. What kind of business would you start anyway?

Whenever you start something new, especially something daunting, you have to set a goal and have laser focus on that goal. In this case, your goal would be to get out of your financial rut and take back control over your life.

However, your goal can be whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, right it down, paste it somewhere your sight cannot escape it. Engrave it into your mind. And remember that your goal is why you are doing this throughout the rest of this journey.

Think deeply about where you are in life right now, and if you would rather stay where you are and keep suffering the same consequences or take a leap of faith and make the changes necessary to reach your goal. Get your priorities in order, this will require some deep reflection. A place where people don’t find themselves too often. This is the most important stage in making any significant changes.


2.     Start a routine that charges you up

Now we all know that life can become pretty routine with work schedules, school schedules, meetings etc. But how does this routine make you feel? As bland as it sounds perhaps?

Find something that will get you charged up. For me it’s learning something new every day. Even if it’s just 5 minutes of reading material, there’s value in that reading material that teaches me something I did not know yesterday. And I usually apply what I’ve learned in my personal life. And that gets me charged up.

For others it’s getting their bodies and minds under control. Exercise, meditation, changing diet. Even making little changes within the home like having dinner at the dinner table with the family every night instead of in front of the TV.

Making changes, no matter how small at first, means that you’re getting out of your comfort zone. It also means that you’re taking control, and if you keep it up, you will see the results and reap the rewards!

These are the traits you will need to start an online business, control and discipline. So this is a brilliant way to start.


3.     Set yourself rewards

It is natural for us to be spurred by incentives. So often we can get caught up in the work that needs to be done to reach our goals, that we forget to reward ourselves for reaching those all important milestones.

Remember that plans change, and nothing is set in stone.

Now that you’ve set your goal, put your priorities in order and established some form of routine that charges you up, you are geared to respond to those changes without wanting to throw in the towel at the first road block or pivot.

So when you start to achieve your goals, be it establishing a routine or jumping straight into making a business plan, do not forget to reward yourself.

Buy yourself a new item of clothing after you’ve reached your first weight loss goal, play some golf with your friends on the weekend if you’ve spent time with your family all week at the dinner table. Do something that will make you want to do more to reach a higher milestone.

Your mindset will become stronger and you are establishing a firm foundation as the mind of an entrepreneur.


4.     Do some inspirational activities

Embarking on something new means getting out of your comfort zone and joining a new circle for motivation.

My personal favorite are TED Talks. These talks can be anything from 5 minutes to 1 hour. These talks are literally about anything and everything, They are incredibly insightful and can get your creative juices flowing. Best of all they are completely free and just a Google search away!

However some people prefer to meet up with like minded groups of people, read an inspirational book, or even out their journey in writing so that they can look back and be inspired by how far they’ve come.

Choose whatever works for you, there is no right or wrong activity.


5.     Have a personal mission that is bigger than just having an online business

Just as any business is built around a mission and vision, before you start your own YOU must be your business, therefore YOU must have a mission and vision.

Making money should not be your primary focus. You must determine why you are doing this. Remember step 1 where you had to do some deep reflection on where you find yourself and where you want to be? This should be your primary focus as you embark on this journey.

This will get you through the days where you don’t feel like accomplishing any goals, you’re tired and have no energy, you’ve had a bad day or you’re just simply demotivated.

Go back to step 1 and think deeply about where you are now and where you would like to go.

Do these steps for a period of time until you feel that your mindset is becoming stronger. Your new routine is showing you results and your goals are being reached, and you are gaining control. You are now developing the unwavering mindset of an entrepreneur.


Step 2: Cast all fears aside and get straight into it!


If a crippling fear of starting an online business is holding you back, read my blog post on Overcoming the fear of starting an online business: https://digispiration.com/2018/12/29/overcoming-the-fear-of-starting-an-online-business/ 

If you feel like you’re ready to make a change and get fired up, let’s delve into what you’ll be facing and how you can manage all of these factors.



6.     Plan ahead and make sure to set reminders

Starting something new, especially when you’re still employed, can be very daunting or overwhelming. In the beginning it might seem like you’re just adding more stress to an already stressful life, but as soon as you get started you will start to see that every step you take is taking you closer to you goal, and the more you learn the less stressful it becomes as you start to find your footing.

To do this you need to plan ahead.

If you’re currently employed, plan a certain amount of time in your day to invest in this venture. You do not need to overcompensate with your time. Just a couple of hours a day will suffice until you find your flow and slowly invest more time if you can.

Also you need to plan what you’re going to do that day. I find that doing this the day before gives me peace of mind and gets avoids time wasting. I have very little time to waste, as I’m sure you all do too.

Write down what you will have to do the next day and how long you intend to do it.

Do this every night before you go to bed, then put it aside and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

It is easy to lose track if you’re busy at work, home or school, so be sure to set reminders to achieve what you set out to achieve on that day.


7.     Find instant sources of inspiration for those ‘’down’’ days

It is impossible to stay motivated 100% of the time, so don’t beat yourself up on the days where you feel you’re getting nowhere, learning nothing and simply not succeeding. We all face those days so don’t become demotivated when you encounter days like these.

Instead have a list of the types of inspirational content you enjoy and have it ready for quick access when you’re facing a bad day. Engage in this inspirational activity, I guarantee you, you will feel lighter, and revved up again.

Do not give up when you’re experiencing challenges. These challenges are there to teach you lessons you never would’ve learnt otherwise. They help you grow, so embrace them.


8.     Take some ‘You’ time

It is easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in their businesses. So easy that some don’t even realize it and sooner or later they start to feel or experience the effects. You have long workdays, come home and continue your new endeavor, and it really is like working 2 jobs.

Taking some time to yourself avoids feelings of dread and bitterness. Be kind to yourself and take breaks.

I know how you want to push forward, make this work and propel yourself out of your financial rut, but you will not be able to do anything if you’re burnt our and overwhelmed.

Just breathe, you will get there sooner than you think!


9.     Stay positive

Mind over matter prevails again! There is no right or wrong way to undertake this. One size certainly does not fit all. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others, so engage with others, but do not compare yourself to them.

You have your own challenges, and everyone learns differently. Who knows, you might even surpass the person you resent for making it further than you at a quicker pace! It happens more often than you think.

When you’re feeling down and demotivated, choose a mantra or an activity that works for you. Sometimes just walking out in nature seems to do the trick.

Again, choose what works for you.


10.     Stay clear about your path

Regardless of whether things are going good or bad, keep your eye on the prize. Don’t ever forget why you’re doing this. Reaffirm your goals as often as you can and break them down into little milestones if they become too difficult to reach.

A clear mind’s view of what you wish to accomplish will keep you on the straight and narrow. Whenever you find yourself straying from this path, go back to step one and start reflecting again.

When you see how far you’ve come you will experience 2 things……surprise and renewed vigor.


As difficult as life may seem at the moment, do not forget that if your good days did not remain consistent, then the bad days won’t last either. Through sheer perseverance and determination, you can certainly get out of rut and back to your normal life as you knew it.

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