Embrace Uncomfortable

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I got seriously uncomfortable when I decided to launch a new career - my Happiness Coaching business. I have learnt that it is this discomfort - stepping outside our comfort zone - that creates change in ourselves and our lives. If we can learn to embrace this sense of discomfort and learn from it we can achieve amazing outcomes.

"Perturbation - a deviation of a system, moving object or process from its normal state or path, caused by an outside influence." (source: Google)

I recently attended a completely amazing weekend in Sydney - Personal Success Intensive - hosted by eQ Events. It was here that I became familiar with the concept of "Perturbation" and learnt to be comfortable with the feeling of being perturbed. The weekend and the education delivered to me over the weekend was the outside influence that caused me to move from my normal state or path. It created perturbation because it showed me how to look at my life in a different way, to get different results from my life. If we keep repeating the same behaviours we will get the same results. Sometimes we need something like a Personal Success Intensive to cause us to move from our normal state or path.

The weekend was incredible, and for me, it drove me to where I am now - loving running my Happiness Coaching business.  It’s started a change of events that allowed me to change my life forever. My Happiness coaching business is based on the methods developed by eQ Events and my own blend of Creating Happiness techniques drawn from my own experiences and research.  

It can definitely be scary. I stepped out into a big change. I’ve been scared many times as I’ve created this business. To overcome that I have actively surrounded myself with a like-minded community who support and encourage me. I hang around others who are taking similar actions in their lives. And I feel like I need to point out that I’m not just hanging around people making these big changes - it’s the small changes that can be most challenging, most difficult and most rewarding.

I practice perturbation in many ways now. Sometimes it is as small an action as painting my nails a vibrant new colour which is something that I would not normally do. This small step of doing something different can lead to insights for me that guides me to take steps and actions that I may not have considered before. Sometimes it’s doing something different on the weekend like changing up my routine.

I’d love to hear back from you about the changes you have been applying in your life, what events or people are turning up to cause you perturbation and how you’ve been accepting the changes into your life.

You are awesome,

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