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There is no question that life is a journey and whether you decide to choose a path, the inevitable dynamic of life forces you to keep moving, this can be dangerous as you might be moving towards your goal or moving away from it. Meaning that we only know two things will happen regardless; number one, you will move in some direction, and number two, death. So, I propose to you the following idea, start the process of finding your path now!

Pay attention to that word, PROCESS, it will not happen instantly, it will take time and effort, to finally be a man/woman in motion. Fully motivated by your path, led by your own vision. But first let’s get something clear, you will start this process today, you will start winning today. Deal? Good. Let’s begin.

The first step is understanding what this word ‘path’ means. From now on to you and me, path means ‘the way of achieving a specified result’. It is a course of action with an end goal, think about it every path leads to an end, now think of your life as the same, it may sound cliché but it’s true. Most people live their life without purpose, some may believe they have an idea what their purpose is but they are either living the life of someone else, don’t dare to go after the life they want because of fear of failure (if this sounds like you, let me tell you something, you are not failing enough) or have dreams that are not even theirs. Weird uh? Let’s do the following exercise together, I just want you to think of your life right now and where you think it will lead you if you keep doing exactly what you are doing right now for 10 years. Be non-judgemental, simply state the outcome. Will it make you CEO of the company you are working for right now? Will it make you rich, a millionaire, a billionaire? Will you be happy? Will you become the best version of you in that period? Be as detailed as you can. (We will come back to this at the end!). Good news are you are waking up, and just by being aware you become less likely to be affected by this non-sense; If you truly believe everyone breathing in this planet has a purpose, came to this world for a reason, if you truly believe we have all being blessed with the capability of achieving anything, then my friend, make it clear in your head that whatever it is that you are doing now, if it does not moves you directly toward your true goal, you are wasting your valuable energy and time. Then If I asked you to forget every limitation in this world, and you could become anything (which you can!) What you would do for a living? If I asked you what your true passion is?

I am currently a full-time athlete which means part of my dream is on its way of becoming complete, however I must stress to you that for you to be in your path you must find in your core, what your true goal is, what you truly want. One of the greatest motivational speakers in the world Eric Thomas once said ‘Some of you will take anything dangled in your face because you don’t know what you want, find out what you want and once you find what you want spend the rest of your natural life waking up and going after it’. Finding you’re your true purpose may take time, but don’t be fooled it is not hard, as you already know you are simply in this instant not brave enough to admit what it is, there are too many barriers of social conditioning, social expectation, and fear of failure that need be worked on. Here is the catch this affects everyone, me, you, your neighbour, that person who you perceive to be living the dream life and even those part of the 1 % of society. The only difference is that these people at the top have peeled away every layer of false believes and biases but most importantly they are true aligned with their path. Path alignment is the key to becoming successful in anything.

Now going back to the exercise, we did earlier, where did this life lead you? The answer is obvious it leads you somewhere but how close is that to your dream life? If its relatively close, then you can fine tune your actions to speed up this process, make your actions more specific ad aligned to your true path. If it was nowhere near close then it is clear this is not your desired path, and good news for you is, now you know, next step what can you do today to start moving in the right direction. As I said before we are all moving due to the inevitable dynamic of life, but don’t be moved by external forces be moved by your own internal desire and let the external forces work in harmony with your purpose.

Enjoy every minute of the journey my friend.

Efrain Herrera

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