5 Free Things You Can Do Now to Build An Online Business

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5 FREE Things You Can Do Now to Build an Online Business 

Are you wondering how to start or have just started a business online and are looking for free and simple ways to get the word out and drive traffic to your business?If you responded yes, then you’re in the right place!

Freedom Mompreneur by Design JoAnne Mbonigaba

JoAnne, here, and in today's blog that should take you about 5 mins to read, I'll share with you 5 free things you can do NOW to build an online business.

1. Leverage the power of Twitter

With over 1.4 million users, twitter is one the top 10 social media giants that can help you get visible and attract organic traffic to your content and website. 

The basic goal is to build relationships by connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing and engaging with content of value. Twitter offers great tutorials and insights on how you can unlock the power of twitter for your business at https://business.twitter.com/

2. Get Visible on Video

Another major social media giant is youtube with billions of users and the second most searched site online, this is a platform that you will want to get visible on. Furthermore, time and time again, it's been proven that video creates a greater connection between you and your viewers and therefore better engagement and results.

So turn on your camera on your phone or laptop and record videos sharing about how you can help with your products and services! I love video marketing so if this is something you are ready to pursue checkout my youtube channel and also my other blogs on How to Make Your Video Go Viral and The Top Benefits of doing video marketing.

3. Build Online Business by Tapping Into Free Training

Running an online business requires knowledge and skill. You can find a great deal of free information on the Internet that can help you learn, yet it can be overwhelming and confusing. What I recommend is finding one mentor and sticking with them. When I started building my online business, I signed up for cheap and value packed training I saw online that you can now get free and extremely grateful to my mentors.

Build Your Business Online by Tapping into free training

4. Start Blogging!

In today's world, people aren't looking to be sold to, they are looking for answers. So step up to the plate, and create content that provides answers, insights, and value in the market you serve. This will help to increase your authority and attract those clients that would benefit from your services or products. I'll be doing a series shortly on smart blogging for business so be sure to register for my blog updates. In the meantime, check out a past blog I did on an integrated platform I use to host my WordPress blog sites and much more. 

5. Earn commissions from other people's products.

5 Free ways to build your online business

A simple way to add an additional income stream to your online business is becoming an affiliate for products or services complementary to what you offer. This just means that you refer your customers and or visitors through ads, content and or email offers to these products and are paid a commission for every purchase that they make. You avoid holding inventory, there is no product to develop and maintain and you often can start for free. For example, becoming an affiliate for Amazon.

So those are your five free things, you can do right now to build your online business.

Which ones are you already using? Which will you start using? Comment below to share with me.

Until next time, to your joy and success!


JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

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