Free Link Building Tips Best and Worst Practices

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Link building is an essential part of any Website hoping to make it into the ranking pages. There are, however, some good and some bad practices. Here are a few Do's and Don'ts


Look for high quality resourse lists.

Link to your business customers and industry contacts.

If your site or blog has been mentioned in an industrial article offer to exchange Links.

Social Media link aquasition.

Connect with your suppliers.

Use guest posts and Content.

If someone forwards or recommends you content ask to exchange links.

Do Not..

Use reciprical link pages (These are often low ranking and will pull your website down).

Use open forum Links (these quite often show up as Spam).

Use Link Farms.

Use Paid Links.

Whilst we can see that there are good practces to link building there are also some bad. Properly constucted Link building is essential to a Website but bad practices can be very damaging, especially in the early stages of a new site. Properly done Link Building takes time and effort, there is no shortcut or easy solution. Beware of any Website that promisses you otherwise. 


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