Freedom To Give Your Children A World Class Education

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Education is changing - the frightening thing is that this may still be a mystery to the vast majority of Educators.  What a relief it will be to have the Freedom To Give Your Children A World Class Education.  

Realising that the opening paragraph is somewhat ambigious, please allow me to explain.  The quality of traditional education is being compromised in many countries throughout the world.  Due to a shortage of quality teachers, facilities, increased class sizes (40+ children in some instances!).  Most of these challenges are present in the Government or Public Schools.  Private Schools on the other hand have smaller numbers of students per class, better facilities and higher quality of teachers (though if they are attracted by the private school salary scales, quality could be debated.  In fairness to the teachers and the schools, the higher salary offerings should attract and secure the best teachers available).

So there we have it, if you are pursuing the Freedom To Give Your Children A World Class Education, Private Schools are more often than not, the best route to take.  That said, one needs the finances to fund the Private Schooling - preferably a six figure income as the school fees are not the only costly aspect of Private Schooling.  I know this because my daughter attended an excellent Private School, she really was exposed to some of the best education available. However, what we didnt bank on (excuse the pun) was the fact that her fellow students would come from some seriously affluent homes which meant that it wasnt uncommon for them to travel overseas more than once a year for the school holidays.  That they would live in mansions, own numerous ponies, enjoy incredible priviledge due to the financial status of the homes they come from, including extra lessons to supplement the best teaching and coaching availble.  My thinking was focused on finding a way to fund the best education possible, believing this would stand her in the best stead possible.  And it probably will.  She was, however, still "disadvantaged" because she didn't come from the kind of wealth the majority of her peers did and there were times when it showed.

I digress ....  the World Class Education I have in mind is not one that is taught at the schools, nor at University - to my knowledge.   I started out by saying that education is changing and the majority of the educators are unaware of this.  Truth is that the Digital Economy is growing at an incredibly rapid rate, it is worth $4 Billion per annum, $1 Billion of that is Educational products.  Please understand, I am not suggesting that children are taken out of the school system and moved to Online Education, not at all.  What I am suggesting is that we can improve the quality of our childrens lives by learning about and becoming involved in the Digital Economy.  What better way for them to learn than by watching you, their parents, become a sucessful Digital Entrepreneur.  Sounds bizarre?  Stay with me here.


Technology is changing life as we know it, already has changed life as we knew it previously.  Jobs are no longer secure due to the technological develpments, imagine calling for an Uber and a self-drive car arrives.  It's not that far from happing as we may think!  There are many, many industries being affected by technological develpment, bringing with it a tidal wave of change.  We must evolve with it, develop our skills and learn to tap into the Digital Economy and provide the way for our children to be a part of it too.


There is a system ready and waiting and it offers the potential to earn a six figure income which will in turn give you the Freedom To Give Your Children a World Class Education whilst in the schooling system.  Not only that, this system will provide you, and subsequently your children a World Class Education in the Digital Economy.  It doesn't come for free and it certainly does require commitment and hard work, however, the growth in the Digital Economy makes it an incredibily exciting and viable option.

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