Freedom To Make A Difference In The World

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If you're anything like me, the state of the world weighs heavily on your heart and mind.  Orphaned children raising children, who go to school and to bed on an empty stomach, the sick who cannot afford treatment, the street children sniffing glue, the starving and incapacitated aged ... we could debate the how's, the where's and they why's, though these are not what I am keen to address.  I want to help, to show people the way out of their misery, assist them!  The weight quadruples due to my perceived inability to make a difference.  It's not entirely true that I don't make a difference - and is likely the same for you - however, this complex relationship I have had with money over my many years, has seriously hindered my ability to generate the income needed to build the Freedom To Make a Difference In The World.

Many beliefs such as "it takes money to make money", "only the rich get richer", "money is the root of all evil", "love of money is the root of all evil" have affected my mindset and have truly negatively impacted my relationship with money.  Add to that the deep-seated, again unfounded, belief that I am not smart enough to make that kind of money (probably due to a cruel standard 1 math teacher who screamed at me and asked why I am not as bright as my brother. Turns out I was deaf - actually! - and could not hear what was being taught because I sat at the back of the class and day dreamed quite happily, totally unaware that there was more going on in the class than I was absorbing)

This brings me to mindset - I am learning from the Six Figure Mentors training how very important my mindset is to the quality and success of anything in life.  This is congruent with my spiritual beliefs too, the Bible speaks about "guarding your mind" and "taking every thought captive" and whether you are a believer or not, there is value in this advice.  Let's consider financial stress, we've all known it at some stage of our lives.  When in the situation of not being able to honour your commitments simply due to a lack of cash or facilities to drawn on, focusing on the challenges diverts your attention from the necessary actions you should be taking consistently, every single day, in order to generate the income required to meet (and exceed the value of) your commitments.  This distraction and stress will reduce the capacity for creative thought and often paralyzes one into total brain freeze (and not the yummy ice-cream type either!)

You can imagine my excitement growing and mounting as I work my way through the incredible teachings available through Six Figure Mentors!  This training is enabling me to learn about and question the beliefs I wasn't even consciously aware I had; it is teaching me to grow and stretch and strive; it is teaching me about the Digital Economy; the opportunities available to make the mind of money that will provide me with the Freedom To Make a Difference In The World.  My belief is that we are all moved by and called to different causes, mine is all about people, primarily children and the elderly.  My heart breaks for the marginalized, underprivileged, poverty stricken, desperate ... too many broken people of this world.  My daughter has the same depth of heart break but her calling is all about animals - what she would give to be able to feed, home and love the homeless furbabies - big and small, beautiful and not quite so beautiful!

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