Getting burned out at work? Take time to reset.

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In one of my previous articles I mentioned I was a workaholic. I worked many long hours non-stop for days, sometimes even during my days off as well. I finished working on a project and I jumped on the next one. Since I had a long commute to and from work, I kept on working while on the road. I figured might as well do something, so I used the time to make some pending calls (bluetooth on, always). When I got home I continued to work sometimes on reports, planning or continue with some more phone calls and/or giving direction. I think at times I even worked on my sleep. Ever felt this way? The thing is that when one is feeling this way, one wakes up feeling more tired than when going to sleep in order to get some rest. 

If you are doing this, or if you have a lifestyle similar to what I used to have, and feeling restless: Stop it. To begin with, let me tell you, no one cares. Trust me, you can quit your job tomorrow, and sure... things may not run as efficient as when you were handling them, but things will continue to happen. Life goes on, but you dear reader may not necessarily go on if you get burned out and sick for not having the chance to reset.

I'm not saying quit your job. Don't go to that extreme, but certainly you need time to RESET. It will be hard at the begining to get used to not making that phone call or wait until the next day to continue to take care of business, but I promise, if you do that you will be more effective and people under your direction will learn that you also have a life, and they will slowly start handling things on their own just because they will get the point that you cannot be there all the time.

One of my peers (let's call him "Harry" to protect the inocent), taught me that I needed time to reset, especially while on vacation. He always scheduled his vacation abroad, he made sure everyone knew he was going to be out of town, and shut off his phone. Everyone at work knew the minute Harry stepped out of the office that he was done, and unavailable. Upon Harry's return from vacation, I would find a very relaxed Harry, with more energy, and ready to take the bull by the horns. This is what resetting does for you, and who knows, it may even save your life...

One of those times when I took time to reset, I realized I not only needed time to reset for a little while, I took time to reset and find a new purpose in life. I was very fortunate to find Six Figure Mentors (check the Online Business Online Ad below, and feel free to add your e-mail address to learn more about it).

What has changed? I find myself on relax mode all the time, I don't need the reset mode anymore.

No stings attached, no commitments. What do you have to lose?  Reset for a little while, check the ad, work will be there tomorrow. 


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