Grab your Obsession

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Everyone is obsessed with something, whether is playing a video game, watching the news, doing drugs, obsessed with losing weight, conceiving a baby, helping the charity, obsessed with spend time on social media or even obsessed with fear. The point of this article is to give you a perspective on how you can grab your obsession and transform it into a tool that enables you to have success in everything you do. In the book, "Be Obsessed or Be Average", Grant Cardone states that if you have a negative obsession is because you are not looking at what you are supposed to be doing, it doesn`t mean you have some kind of disease or disorder, it simply means that you`re lost.

undefinedA very important part of turning your obsession into an indestructible work ethic is understanding what is your purpose, what is gonna get you excited, why you want to achieve something, what are the things that you do that make you forget to eat, interests you had since you`re a little kid and what contribution to you want to make to society.

"You don`t need to like something to be great at it." - Grant Cardone

Finding your purpose is extremely important, it prevents you from wandering around. Former militaries getting out to the civil world are struggling to adapt themselves to a new lifestyle, where there is no control, no discipline, it`s the wild west compared to the routine they had in the military and some of those great citizens end up getting lost because they see themselves in a new reality where they can`t find a purpose. I had the same experience when I got out of a disciplined lifestyle, I was lost, without a sense of direction, jumping from job to job, wandering around, waiting for something I didn`t even know what it was.


The fact is that there are more opportunities to succeed in this world than you can imagine and the ability to turn your obsession into a golden rule is just a matter of asking yourself: How can I transport this fire inside of me to something that I really enjoy doing? If you can identify something that a bunch of people don`t like to do, there is probably an opportunity in that space.

“No one is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true.” – Grant Cardone

Be aware of the things that give you energy and the ones that get you bored, the things you do that later regret and the habits you need to implement that can make you feel better about yourself. Shift your focus to finding the purpose in your life, it`s an important task for you to be able to help yourself because if you want to improve other people`s lives you need to first improve yours. 

Being obsessed is your only option to succeed, certainly, you have something within you that can trigger your success journey, take the time to think about what you really want to do in life, what drives you, what gets you excited and move in that direction with all the intentions.  

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