Hate my job should I quit ?

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Hate my job should I quit?

Probably this is a thought that has gone through in most of working peoples head. In fact, recent research showed that 80% of Americans are either dissatisfied or strongly dissatisfied with their job. That is quite a lot of people to spend the majority of their lives in a place with people who they do not like. 

The harsh reality is that most of us do not get beyond the complaining stage. We just moan about it to our colleagues, to our family and to our neighbours but nothing changes. 9 out of 10 people do not do anything about it. In fact, they may end up changing their job which comes with a short term excitement but they end up in the same - or, in rare cases - in a worse situation than before. And they wonder why they feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled. So if I hate my job should I quit? Let me tell you a story. 

It happened to a colleague of mine a year ago. She has been offered a redundancy as an option at our company with a very lucrative payout package. She has taken up on the offer with an idea that she will go to the competition and carry on doing the same job. She had managed to secure a job in that company as planned. However, the job that she has taken was not even close to the level of what she expected. She had to work longer hours, with colleagues who she disliked from day one and with pieces of equipment that were poor quality. Her bank account showed a really healthy balance as she managed to walk straight into a job without "eating in" her payout, however she was not fulfilled at all. She admitted that she hated her new job and wished she'd never changed it. 


The point is that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I do not say you just quit your job tomorrow as it is risky. You still need to pay your rent and cover your bills. What I do say is that find what you love. What you are passionate about. Like what would you do if money was not an issue? 

Once you found it, start doing it part-time. Find a couple of hours each day that you would spend watching TV or Netflix and start doing it. Do not worry about the money or how this will get you out of your day to day job, the aim is to get you in the mindset and routine to do something else. Something for yourself. Something that is truly fulfilling.  

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To your success and dreams

Karoly Molnar

Digital Entrepreneur


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