Have You a Self-Doubt Gremlin?

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When it comes to our passion and our Dreams we too often listen to our Gremlins.  Why do we do this?  Probably because we want them so badly we are afraid to fail.

This fear drives our Self-doubt even more.  We start to question our abilities and whether we can actually do what we really want to do.  We question our decisions, we start to think that we are Crazy to do it, what if people don't like us or won't want what we have to offer.undefined

We may not even be aware of these Gremlins working away unconsciously, griping away in the background, these Gremlins hold us back.  Remember, you are not alone, many of us have these Gremlins of Self-doubt and Insecurity.

Before I started my own business and started blogging, I felt totally out of my comfort zone.  Why was I doing this? What if I can't get clients? How do I market my business? What if I run out of money? 

undefinedThe problem with Self-doubt is that we have a tendency to look in the direction of why things won't work instead of why it will work and why it can succeed.  If you can put aside these Gremlins and change your thinking then you can get rid of those Gremlins and be what you really want to be and fulfil your dreams and passions.

Whatever happens in your life can make you stronger if you look for the positive side.

If you would like more information on how to get rid of your Gremlins, contact me today for a free initial consultation on how I can guide you to start to bring your dreams into reality.


Christine Craven,

Digital Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Mentor and Complementary Therapist

Email: christine@christineacraven.net

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