Home Business and The Change Cycle

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Starting off in home business can be quite daunting.

You are coming the stability of getting paid every week, to the relative uncertainty of a new business. I have witnessed the emotional of being excited on the outside, in respect of their new opportunities, they still have doubt.

Having the mindset for this change really helps and digital bloggers has more than enough articles on this, study them, reflect on them and out them into action!

This change cycle has a real emotional basis which can manifest itself in different behaviors.

Below I have shown the emotional cycle in its purest form

  1. Stability and contentment: The day before you leave employment
  2. Change: The first day of your business there may also be a honeymoon period
  3. Denial: You don’t need help everything is fine
  4. Blaming: Things are not going well in business its everyone else is at fault
  5. Depression and fatigue: Realization that it is up to go and make your business a success
  6. Coping: The business is breaking even
  7. Acceptance: You are just showing a profit
  8. Moves ahead: You are starting to make headway


If you plan first and model your business before you move into the change you can minimize the risks of being unprepared and leading to this cycle. Building a team of advisors and mentors can help and assist you thru the transition! If you are done all of that and still find you are not getting what you expected do not hesitate to get professional help either to assist your business or deal with the emotional cycle of change. Remember as part of the business planning process you always do an exit plan… sometimes you have to know what events activate this!


If you want something to motivate you into action complete my business questionnaire print the answers that you provided and reflect on them!


Are you prepared????

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