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So our home business company Anywhere Business Network Limited has a website.

Like any small home business, the website is a constant work in progress. Both Kerri, my business partner, and I are concentrating on the components:

  1. The why we are in business
  2. The blogs adding value to our visitors and clients
  3. The products and services
  4. The back office

One part of the Back office is what I will concentrate today's blog on.

An important part of the back office that is really the crux of the website is SEO search engine optimisation.  The reason why you need SEO is to ensure that the robots and spiders trawl your site, say it’s a good and have it available to search. If you are operating with search engine webmaster tools and advertisements with the search engines your key words must be included for you bid on! There are lots of SEO plugins out there but Kerri chose what  she was familiar with and worked. We are using a word press tool called Y Toast. This analyses the pages from SEO point of view of readability and optimisation. The graphical interface allows you to see whether it is good needs work or unacceptable. It tells you what is compliant and what isn’t.


To make it easier for you self I have decided when I post to do it in this fashion:

  1. Decide my Key words
  2. Get the title of the post have the key words included
  3. Make the SEO post have the key words in it
  4. The slug starts with the Key words
  5. The meta description starts with the key words and is compliant with around 156 words
  6. Don’t use stop words
  7. Start the blog post with a H3 or higher Key word related text
  8. Include the key words in the first sentence of the first sentence
  9. Make sure the post is around 300 words
  10. Don’t saturate the key word in the post
  11. Keep the sentences readable with good grammar

Of course I am not perfect so sometimes I let the create juices flow post the draft then change to suit the SEO afterwards.


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Team Anywhere NZ