How are current business trends affecting career and lifestyle choices

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''Because if you’re prepared and you know what it takes, it’s not a risk. You just have to figure out how to get there. There is always a way to get there.''

Mark Cuban

People are what make a business run. It is not the building, product, service, equipment or organization. It is the people who occupy the building, make the product, provide the service, run the equipment or organization.

It is people who are most affected by business trends. These trends directly affect career and lifestyle, which eventually trickles into performance and ends up smack bang in the middle of your every day life. The business world evolves and moves so quickly these days that some people can barely distinguish between their work and social time.

What do I mean career and lifestyle choices?

Career is what you choose to do to bring home the bacon, whether you like that career or not. So many of us have chosen careers that no longer excite or stimulate us, yet we are so far gone that we are content to stay right there in the discontent rather than evolve with the times and ever changing business trends.

When your career no longer stimulates you, it has an effect on your psychological well-being, which then directly affects your lifestyle. How could you possibly feel motivated waking up in the morning knowing that you're about to endure yet another 'ground hog' day with zero stimulation and 100% annoyance?

Forbes author Ashley Stahl wrote a compelling article on how hating your job could lead to hating your life, and the negative effects this has on your health and well-being. In the article she mentions numerous reason why people choose to stay in a career they don't enjoy, however she also mentions something that I absolutely agree with......IT IS A CHOICE.

A little inspiration

I've written two articles about a couple of fascinating entrepreneurs who made the choice to do whatever it takes, despite the obstacles, failures, betrayals and disappointments. I urge you to read these articles. The two entrepreneurs I'm referring to are the unshakable Madam CJ Walker, and the unwavering Steve Jobs. These were people just like you and me, the difference is that they were not simply content with their circumstances and were not easily thrown by the incredible challenges they had to face. There was an end goal and that is where they were headed, end of story.

The long term effects of career dissatisfaction

We don't realize the indelible mark that our careers and lifestyles leave on the ones we love the most, as well as society in general. When we get so wrapped up in remaining on the tight rope that is keeping your job in the midst of job threatening business trends such as automation, we don't realize how little time and patience is left for the people around us when we leave the workplace. Forget about having time to ourselves to relax and unwind, to do exactly what we want, even if it is nothing at all!

Yet businesses cannot survive without people, or can they? Read my article on automation to learn more. In the not so distant future business trends will be changing rapidly, yet we have a choice to either change with the times or be caught up in it.

Current Business Trends

First, in order to understand business trends, define the term. In this context, business trends are general tendencies in a single direction. Current business trends hint at major changes and challenges in the current workplace.

A closer look at current business trends is alarming. Increasingly, companies are less and less appreciative of their work forces. And who's to say whether they're right or wrong to do so, as another business trend is high turnover.

1. Another type of 'bounce rate'

People do not tend to stay in the same company or position for too long anymore, and so companies tend to treat employees as such, knowing that they probably won't be around for too long, so where's the value? Changing with the times does not necessarily mean bouncing from company to company or position to position. You could provide value by upgrading your skills and providing value exactly where you are. Or even better, you can use the skills you've perfected and start your own venture. Remember you have choices!

If you're afraid of having outdated technical skills, click here to learn how easy it really is to not only update your skills, but also to use the internet to your advantage. These days we have so many tools at our disposal, we just need to have a clue how to use them.

2. Who has the upper hand now?

Other scientific advancements, especially in robotics, are taking an increasingly larger chunk of available jobs which were previously done by humans.

The convergence of these adverse impacts on the workforce puts tremendous pressure on what is left of it. Owners know this.

They are insightful enough to realize the ball is pretty much in their court.

They hold the advantageous position. They dictate employer-employee terms, and the terms rarely favor the employee. Stay above the fray. Upgrade your skills and produce a back up plan, all at the same time, and prevent yourself from falling victim to this business trend!

3. Automation

Just to drive home the issue of automation mentioned above, consider these jaw-dropping predictions. According to, by 2025, 52% of all jobs done by humans will be done by automation. And just when you thought your white collar job could not be automated, watch this video on how automation is now entering the white collar workforce.

Worried employees are working longer hours for the same or even less pay than when they started with the company. This increases financial stress on workers and it impacts health and well-being, and maximizes psychological and physical stress.

The impact of this business trend can cause adverse long term effects for individuals, families, communities and societies. It has an overall negative influence, not only on the individual but to everyone within that individual’s sphere of influence.

So what can you do to safeguard yourself against these business trends?



1. Take Charge

A dangerous train of thought sounds something like this......''This will never happen to me''............ ''this is way too far-fetched''........... ''I'll survive, this won't happen anytime soon anyway''.

The worst case scenario would be doing a job you hate which could possibly be replaced by automation anyway. At this point in time it is impossible to know with certainty what jobs will be automated, as technology is evolving so rapidly that you can expect from the unexpected.

Are you willing to let your current situation as an underappreciated employee devolve into joblessness? You are not helpless to change your personal work and life balance. You can fix it; but, you must take charge. Below is some helpful advice about how to go about doing just that.

2. Evaluate Your Own Skills and Experience

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! Use the tools you have at your disposal everyday and take control!

If you want to start your own online business, take these initial steps to evaluate the prospect. To start your own online business, begin by taking a careful self-assessment. If you do not already know, find out what you really like to do.

Usually, people are good at what they enjoy doing. This is your first step to start your own online business.

Honestly evaluate whether you are good at what you like most. Next, ask yourself how or if you can make money with it. If you can make money with it, what is the best way to do that?

Search out businesses which are already doing what you are good at and look at how you could improve it. If you can do a better job or add to what is already being done, you have just found the niche to start your own online business.

3. Considerations for Starting Your Own Business

From the information above, you are already aware of changing business trends. The uphill battle to establish a physical store and build it into a successful enterprise can take five to seven years. Is this the best way to establish your career and lifestyle effects you wish to leave as examples for others?

That troubling statistic that 90% of all new businesses fail within their first three years is realism you must face. Do you think the career and lifestyle you want to leave as your personal legacy is worth more than a 10% chance at success?

If you try to build the type of business that is already fading, your career and lifestyle are doomed to fade with that business. Why not take the futuristic approach? Start a business in the emerging business trend which is gaining popularity, yet the barriers to entry are so few because of the endless possibilities of different types of businesses that can be started on the same platform....the internet. Start an online business instead of a traditional business. It is cheaper, faster and you face far less barriers.

The reasons why this business trend can be used to your advantage

Consider the many advantages of an online business. When you start your own online business, you avoid the expense of building or leasing a building or facility. An online business costs a tiny fraction of what traditional business startups cost.

There is no equipment to buy or lease when you start your own online business. You can get by with minimum employees or no employees at all.

Day-to-day operating expenses are practically nil if you start your own online business. Running the business takes a lot less time. Most bricks and mortar business owners work 60 to 70 hours a week and pay everyone but themselves.

They do not run the business; the business runs them. When you start your own online business, you run it; it does not run you.

All the packaging, handling and shipping are handled for you if you start your own online business that sells a product. Again, you do not have to manage these workers. Someone else does that for you. In fact you don't even need to sell your own product, you can sell someone else's in your own time, wherever, whenever! If you're interested in this type of business model, click here to learn more.

The easy road with higher long term risks, or the hard road with far reaching success? The choice is yours

It is easier to disregard what we know is the inevitable, but at what cost? It is far easier than to make the decision to take charge and not become prey to these current business trends. Make the choice to change your life prospects for the better. You are the only one who will ever do it for yourself. No one can create that mindset and attitudinal change but you.

Start by taking the first steps laid out above. Take the time to invest in the futures of yourself and those whom you care about most.

Take control and achieve a healthy work life balance and more pleasurable and desirable lifestyle full of health, wealth and happiness. Open your online business today.

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