How Can A Vaccination Shot Teach You So Much…

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I received a text last night from the doctor’s surgery to confirm my appointment for the next day. Reply ‘YES’ or phone to cancel… Instead I just ignored it. I was not sure about whether or not I would go and so I kept my options open. Do we do this all the time in life… we commit to something… we set a goal… but then we keep our options open! What do we call that sometimes… procrastination!

So I decided to go along to the doctors this morning to get my final vaccine shot. This was for the trip I made to Asia 8 months ago. It’s called an accelerated vaccine series. I had 3 consecutive shots before, during and after the trip. Then you get another shot up to 12 months later to get a top-up. This means you are then covered for life!

This got me thinking… what if I don’t go for this last and final vaccine shot? It’s going to cost me $82 + the doctors consultation, its pouring with rain outside, I could be working on my business. There really is no urgency or need for this final shot, as I don’t have a current trip planned to Asia. What is the motivation to go and get this done? A pinprick and a sore arm for the rest of the day… not a lot of incentive! 

Then I started to think a little deeper, maybe I will plan a trip soon… maybe I will go back to Asia again. I will be prepared this time and ready to go without going through those vaccinations again. I was starting to rationalise the decision around getting this vaccine done. I was presenting a case to myself in my mind of the benefits of getting along and doing it. 

How often do we do this about the small and large commitments in life? 

So to overcome this tennis match that goes on inside your head, the battle that goes on around the commitment to follow through with your decision. You have to tell yourself the benefits and the outcome of that commitment. Sometimes that is not always clear and you have to dig a little deeper. 

When it comes to working on my business there are so many other enjoyable things I could be doing and the work can seem so huge sometimes. However, I really have to dig deep sometimes and think about and feel the OUTCOME the RESULT achieved by following through. 

This is all about training yourself and your mind to seek out the positive outcomes, the positive results all the time, especially when you are struggling to follow through. To train your mind, make a commitment and put it into a spreadsheet. List those tasks that you have committed to and tick those off everyday. Always, in the front of your mind thinking about the positive OUTCOMES and sense of achievement that follows. 

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