How can I make “X” Dollars in “Y” amount of time?

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Hey and hello to each and everyone!

Today I want to reveal my opinion about this question because I’m encountering this topic really often and obviously is it a really important question. Further more is to say that it’s my personal opinion about it and should someone not agree or share the same one, there’s no offense to no one. So let’s start this!

The most important thing within this question are two factors:

  • How to make money
  • and Speed!

That’s what people care the most about when asking this question, first they want to know what they should do and if you mention something, they ask you in what time they could earn “X” amount of money! Am I right?

So no doubt about this, earning money is important to make a living and pay your bills, I see that and should be normal. In addition though it’s important to thing about the purpose of life and not just working for it. Key here is the level of your own happiness. A day without being happy is a day we haven’t actually lived! So there does a third factor come in to the two mentioned above, “Happy of doing something”!

We are now facing the wideness of the first question; How to make money?
Where there are four ways of actually making money:

  • E → Employee
  • S → Self Employed
  • B → Business Owner
  • I → Investor

This is the so called “Cashflow-Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki (see here for suggested books) and explains beautifully how it’s possible to earn money in todays economy. In the quadrant you have the 1. and 2. on the left side and 3. and 4. on the right, which means a lot of different things.
Being on the right side of the quadrant for example, means that you’re not profiting of the power of multiplication which should be something to focus on if you want to attract wealth. Further more you have to know that every step in the quadrant has it’s own rules and skills to follow, should you win the lottery tomorrow, could you have the chance to switch to investor immediately but it’s much more required than just investing some money. Knowledge is key in every aspect, so there needs to be a learning curve anyway.

Becoming financial free like everyone want’s, asking the topic question, has to be on the right side of the quadrant, no way around it. If you’re dreaming about a lifestyle that most of the people have you’re following of the rich and beauty’s then yes. As a person on the left side, you’re always changing time with money and it would take you five life’s to become financial free, let me tell you.

So people on the right side are crating auto pilots which means they build up a business which can after everything works right, money while they sleep. In addition and in compare of people on the left side, they don’t actually want to know how fast they can reach something, they just want to know that once they hit the target, then it’s getting them what they want. That’s a completely different perspective of looking at things! This comes from self trust and believing in their own and their vision form nowhere else. There you go with the answer of Speed!

Most people though know this but have excuses to become a person on the right side. “I’ve not enough money to start, I’m not the right person for this, I don’t know how all of this works, and and and…
Even tough they dream daily about what they would do when they win the lottery. Don’t spend money on the lottery, you’re just financing your dreams that way! Invest more time in thinking how to create your own business and save money for it, it will fulfill you much more at the end, let me tell you.

The internet is the best and cheapest way to realize the right side!

Stop making excuses like I told you before and make something happen in your life. Take action and fight for your happiness and visions, you have everything inside you what’s needed for this. You’ve just to believe in yourself!

In today’s economy there’s a spot for everyone and specially on the internet!
Everyone can start a business online TODAY, and start gathering experiences and learning the required skills day in and out. There is no one who’ll judge you, no one who’s telling you to stop, no one who’s saying it’s to risky for you if you want it so! Just decide and lock yourself in, somewhere you have your peace.

That’s the way I’ve started of and I would recommend it to each an everyone of you! I’ve had some hard times tough no question about this and it wasn’t easy all the time but people on the right side know this and learn to handle it!
I don’t know you but I know that you’ve greatness within you and that’s all what counts, everyone can do everything if he/her is willing to take action on it.

Should you looking around for a solution or a way on how to take your first steps in direction right side, let me give you a hand, if it’s okey for you. I would like to invite you to my site, where you can opt-in and provide me with your mail, so I’m then able to send you my 7 Day Video Series right to your inbox. It will provide you with the following detailed information about:

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And everything will follow day by day to your inbox, that you’ve enough time to watch them and thinking about it.

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That’s it for today, I wish you all a great day and hopefully we’ll catch up soon.

Best, Mirco

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