An expert speaks...How can you be successful in life in 2020....?

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How can you be successful in life....? well way is to follow the best people for success.

follow the best

Let me ask you a question.....Who are the 10 people closest to you?

Who are those who influence you in your life?


Studies show that we are the sum of the average of those (people) around us....which means that our future is based on those who influence us. For example, the amount we can earn is based on the average of those closest to us. We limit ourselves to the extent of our contacts.

We are like goldfish... growing to the size of our goldfish bowl.

So...Who influences you?

Who do you let into your life?

Who drives you forward?

Who inspires you to do better,?

Move faster,

to be a success?

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not saying drop your friends or sack your family.

But to be successful and take ourselves to another level.... we need to look at who is inputting into our lives...

...who is inspiring us...

...who is giving us the nudge that we need,

…. by leading the way.

strength and motivation

We can only take it so far in our own minds.

If we don't have those external influences, those 'generating' ideas, those fantastic “ah ha” moments where things become clearer, and our mind expands to what could be... we won't move forward and create the success that we want.

By looking to mentors, experts in success, our future pathway is suddenly opened up from a small dirt track to a flippen motorway, with 4 lanes.


Pick your influencers well my friend.

Have they done what you want to do?

Have they made a success of their lives?

Are they where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years time?

only follow leaders

If they haven't.... then don't follow them.

Move on and find someone who has

and can

and does.

It's why we look to others like pop stars, movie stars, gurus and sages....those people who have done it, made it happen and can pull us forward with their words and inspiration.

We need people to look up to, those take action every day, who lead by example, who do and don't let others or life stop them.


Inspiring people.

Exciting people.

Ideas people.

People who knock your socks off and then your hat.

People who whip your pants off just by opening their mouth. (Well maybe not literally, but you know what I mean. We are no tart !)

So who do I look at for inspiration? Who has given me a kick up the life's behind?

Conclusion:  Who are those people who I look to for mentorship?


and drive me to where I want to go?

2 people who I came across in 2017 were Stuart and Jay at the Digital Academy...

2 clever people, who have done something with their lives.

They've made and created a multi-million business online and now give back to the community to help others.

They have changed my life around by opening up my ideas, my future and how I can take back control of my life again.

What they have done for me and they could do the same for you is open your mind to what can be.


They have influenced and educated me to build an online business, create and make a new life online, something that was inconceivable 2 years ago.

If you want to read more check out my website and blogs (click here), there's lots of free information and support, you never know it might take you down another direction in your life.


Don't be mediocre, don't follow a dead end.

 take it to another level

Follow the best and most exciting people on the planet at this time.

Let me have your comments below about who you follow for inspiration.

Good luck my friend.

Love and respect...


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