How Can You Use Clothing To Be Taken More Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur?

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Most of the people I know before leaving the house in the morning they just grab the first piece of clothing they see in the closet. That`s why sometimes I see some of my university colleagues dressed like clowns... seriously!
A few years ago I came across with a Youtube channel that really got me thinking why should I dress like every body else. I got to understand the power of clothing, and especially when you want to be taken seriously as a young entrepreneur.
So, what can you do to not look like the boss but dress better than the boss?

Commit to your image
That`s a pretty big one. Most of us don`t feel confident in ourselves, I get it, I was the least confident kid you could know, but eventually, I gain some courage and started to dress better. The consequences were nothing like I ever imagine it could be since people use to come up to be and say things like: "Ohh....I like your shoes", or "you are so put together today".
The point is everybody starts somewhere, so don`t give yourself excuses for not changing, you need to fully commit to change your style and you will see the benefits in the future.


Don`t be afraid to stand out
Learning is essential, search on youtube, google, find an image consultant if you have the budget, but educate yourself first, before going out of the door looking like a douchebag. Once you gain more knowledge and experience you will feel more confident to dress with the purpose of being the best-dressed individual everywhere you go. Trust me it`s an awesome feeling! When you stand out from the crowd in the style department, people see you as a leader, trustworthy, and someone to do business with. For example, if you are going to a conference, use a red tie to give a sign of power since it is a color that stands out, more stylized shoes like the monk strap, or a nice pocket square.


Focus on the fit
This is where most of the people screw up. Here is the thing: you don`t need to have a million dollars in your bank account to be stylish. There are a lot of well-known CEO and Governors that dress like crap, and you ask why?
It is not because they wear a 10.000$ suit, it is simply because it doesn't fit their bodies, it could be too loose or too tight. If you ask an image consultant about this he will tell you that fit is king and learning how your clothes should fit is not difficult. Focus on the proper length of your clothes and then start by elevating the quality of the fabric and the function of the piece once you have the foundations understood.


Please don`t make the same mistakes as I did when I was this guy with such a low self-esteem, stand out and you will be taken more seriously as a young entrepreneur.

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