How Do You Define Success?

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How do you define Success? To ask:


Am I Successful?


Is probably one of the most harrowing question you can ask yourself, and the reason is because we are afraid of what the answer may be. But when we define success for ourselves this can be one of the most exciting things you can ask yourself!


The meaning of success is different to you than it is to me, it is as uniquely individual as we are ourselves. 


I have been on a quest to define my own meaning of success for many years now. What I have discovered is remarkably simple. Success is the accumulation of how you feel each day in whatever it is that you do. Success is not a destination or end goal you reach after an arduous journey but a milestone you pass or better yet you set for yourself every day.  


As part of my mission to explore the truth about true success, I sat down with Darren Kaulius, director of the Pursuit of Excellence Seminars, an accountability coach and a true though leader to ask how does he define success.


I want to share our time together with you in the hopes that you gather your own insights on what success could look like and more importantly FEEL like!

Success comes from enjoying where you are and what you do every day. If you find yourself always chasing an end goal in the hopes that once you get there you will feel successful then you are missing the point and probably the mark, because once you get to a certain achievement this belief that you will find success there will keep you going in circles for eternity. 

If you seek success you HAVE to define it by taking action and discovering what it means for you.

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