How is it like working together with your Father or Son?

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Father & Son working together sounds crazy?

Well there're some huge opportunities and benefits you can take from that relationship!
Not just that your Son may knows more about the actual technologies available, no, there're also benefits in the relationship you join when working with your Son such as; Loyalty, Trust and Reliability.
You're also able to work towards a goal which fits interests of the whole family and in addition, there's no need to compete against each other, which in a usual business relationship would be normal.
As a former Ice-Hockey Professional playing for several years on the top and more than 10 years of leading experience as a CEO I'm proud to work hand in hand with my Son now.
Times are hard let's face it and specially on a level of earnings and lifestyle we want to hold or raise.
So telling you a long story short, all we want to show you is an opportunity how you can live a better life and want to share benefits we took out of our journey.

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Blessed to share our story with you.

Best, Roberto & Mirco

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