How Long Will It Take To Get Setup?

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Trish and Chris get asked all the time "how long does it take to setup on an online business?". This is a definite case of "how long is a peice of string?". Creating and developing an online business can be different for each individual. It will depend on the time and resources available to that person. It also can depend on the skills and abilities also.

They have seen people create an online business and within 4 weeks generate sales. One person in particular came into this business model after selling a social media marketing agency and was up and running within weeks and generating sales. His technical and marketing abilities were way ahead of the average person wanting to do this and therefore he got set up a lot quicker.

There are other people that come into this business model and they don't even have a Facebook account. Trish and Chris, even though they did have Facebook accounts were not techically inclined and had no previous experience in online marketing. Even though they were prepared to do all the training and learn how, it still took them a lot longer than the previous example. 

For them it took 12 months to go through the training and education and take Trish's international real estate investment business, online. They did this by parcelling up her knowledge, skills and experience and creating a training package that was put online to a global audience. 

The next year was all about the affiliate marketing model. In January they started promoting the training and education that got them online and by March they had made there first sale and by June they had replaced Chris's full-time monthly salary in her finance job. 

It is very difficult to tell someone how long it takes to setup an online business. Not only does it come down to time and resources, it also involves personal attributes. What do we mean by personal attributes? To build and create an online business it involves, resourcefulness, commitment, dedication, passion, persistence and resilience. Do you have these attributes? 

It requires self management and self discipline to work through the training and then put into practice whatever it is you have learned. When you join the online community that Trish and Chris are part of, there is a common rule called The 80/20 Rule. This rule means you spend 20% in training and education and the 80% in action, in the doing, putting into action all that you have learned. 

This journey for Trish and Chris has been a marathon and not a sprint. It is all about stepping through the training, learning all the new skills required to become an online marketer and taking action every single day until you reach the desired result.

Trish and Chris

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