The Fear Of Success And How To Overcome It

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Fear is mostly about something that is not going to happen. And if you worry you're always or in the past or the future. It is a not helping strategy, that is not bringing you somewhere. Of course, it is easier said than done. Because worrying is a part of our nature. A part of our brain, the part that is in surviving mode, uses this to create an illusion of control. In a video from Carolina Antonia interviewing Dan Holloway you get an insight into how Dan overcame his fear. He gives an example of the glass bowl. if you could imagine a future in which you have achieved everything you want to achieve and if you were convinced this is gonna happen would you then be anxious, would you then worry so much? Or could you then be in the present and let go. He talks about trusting the universe and be certain of your success. Because if you will prevail there are only two choices or you die or you succeed. There is no other choice. If I look at myself self then there are a few things that keep me from not getting where I want: my lack of self-belief, the idea that I have not enough money, not doing what needs to be done. The things that help me to succeed are:

*My persistence: I'm going forward whatever happens
*My curiosity in what I do
*The community of people I gathered around me with the same goal
*The coaching I get that helps me to get my goals done
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