How To Be Productive

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So, you're setting up a business in your spare time?  There may be some changes you need to make that you're not that comfortable with.

You don't like your day job much and can't wait to get home in the evenings so that you can work on the business that you feel passionate about.  But, there's a pile of unopened mail, the laundry needs doing and the dishes are piling up.  Need I go on?

Housework takes valuable time out of working on your business.  This is a dilemma because you hate living in a mess right?


Here's a question for you; What is your priority?  Really think about it, would you rather have a clean and tidy house and carry on living a mediocre life?  Or are you willing to get the blinkers on and get on to the stuff that excites you?

In the book The One Thing, Gary Keller says that 'a balanced life is a myth'.'  He says that balance is not a very practical idea - idealistic but not realistic.

Extraordinary Results

Extraordinary results require focused attention.  They will also take time and that time needs to be taken away from other activities that are waiting for your attention.  Like doing the dishes, hoovering, ironing, laundry...etc etc.

Keller goes on to say that if you think of balance as the middle, then out of balance is when you're away from it.  If you get far enough away from the middle then you are living at the extremes - and this is where extraordinary results happen.  The problem with living in the middle is that it prevents you from making extraordinary time commitments to anything, and your goals get don't get the attention they deserve.

Obviously, there will be times when you need to be in the middle but the trick is to know when to be in the middle and when to go the extremes. 

Full Steam Ahead!

For those times when you need to be at the extremes, you will need to act like you are wearing blinkers.  If you are anything like me this is going to take some getting used to!  I had a habit of being easily distracted, but I am changing that habit into one of focus - I'm not quite an expert yet but I'm way better than I was a month ago.

If you can accept the fact that sometimes the dishes will be piled high, that it may take a while for the laundry to get packed away, you will ultimately be much happier because you will be focussing on your goals and working towards your dreams.

In the words of Gary Keller himself; "Magic happens at the extremes"

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