How To Create a Good Value Proposition

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How To Create a Good Value Proposition
 How to Write a Good Value Proposition for My Business 

Have you given your website an objective look? When people first come to on your website, do they understand the value and benefits they can receive from the products and services you offer? More importantly, do those potential clients see from your website the value in doing business with you? proposition. 


Well, JoAnne, here and I was doing just that over the last couple of days and have decided that my website needs a complete overall and in doing so it made me think of sharing today's blog post with you on the key elements of a good value proposition.

So first off, what is a "value proposition"?

Your value proposition is the reason customers make a decision to do business with you. It is the promise that value will be delivered and it is the belief on the part of the customer that value will be received.

A good value proposition needs to contain the following three key elements:

Your checklist to crafting a good value proposition for your business

1) Identifies and communicates how you improve your client's state

2) Communicates measurable benefits your clients will receive from doing business with you

3) Shares what makes you unique to differentiate yourself from the competition so prospective customers understand who best would benefit and enjoy doing business with you.

Now how is the best way to write it?

Well, first, in short, keep it short and simple! In longer words, as you write it, bear in mind that it’s for your customers to read or hear as they land on your website. Attention spans are short so you want to capture and engage their and clearly communicate your value proposition quickly. Want a special tip?

Think about how your customers talk about the problem you solve and common keywords or terms and ensure to include them in your value proposition statement. Not sure what these are? Then plug into social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube or linked and see what and how the issue you solve is being discussed.

Bottom line, you want to ensure it’s easy to read or listen to, if you have a video intro to your site!

Second, make it clearly visible through your website! Yes, your value proposition should be in a prominent spot on your website but it should also be strategically placed throughout your site. Repeating your message helps customers as they browse your site to remember what you give them and how you can help them!

Third, consider how you can present it. I kind of gave the boat away on that one with my hints about doing a video intro on your site, however, I still want to emphasise you consider how you will visually present your value proposition.

Think, clarity and contrast, positioning, font, colours and imagery. I’m very biased to include some sort of video intro on your site as then each of your visitors will get a chance to engage and “meet” you even before they actually “meet” you. Also, you passionately delivering your value position in a short punchy welcome video will go a lot further than any pretty text or image! This is one thing that I’m definitely doing with my website!

Fourth, do you know that according to Harvard Business Review that there are four main categories of value propositions? When I learnt this and I saw the below four categories I had to agree with them. Of the four categories of value propositions listed below, where do you think your value proposition best fits?

1)Best Quality

2)Best Price / Best Value for Money Spent or Invested

3) Luxury

4)Essential Items

Fifth, do you want a bonus tip? Who doesn’t like bonuses? Now if you said “No”, close this blog down NOW! For all those smart people lets continue :-) Here’s my bonus, really think to engage your guests to your website emotionally. In preparing your value proposition, ask yourself these questions:

1)What or how do you want people to feel after hearing your value proposition?

2)What is it you give your customers? Forget about the service or products you offer and more so focus on what you give and thereby what your customer will get as an improvement or benefit in doing business with you. In fact, including the phrase: “ I give you …. is a great way to position your value proposition because everyone likes to get gifts and it will definitely be more unique than the traditional value propositions that you see normally. A good value proposition for business clearly states what you give to your customers

Wrapping it up..

So those are my tips and insights on creating a good value proposition for your business.  Keep it short, memorable and clearly communicate to your customer what are the benefits they will get and feel from doing business with you! You are welcome to share your value proposition below and or better yet if you have made some improvement based on my blog today, share the before and after in the comments below. It would warm my heart to know how I’ve helped you. Questions and other comments are always welcome as well!

Until next time, to your success!


JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

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p.s.s: I trust you found value in my blog giving you some great insights into how you can craft a good value proposition for your business, then be sure to register for notification of my upcoming blogs, now go out and make today great!

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