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What Can You Do When There Is No Inspiration Left? 

Have you found yourself in the situation when you do not know what to do or plan, and everything becomes empty in your mind? The clocks are thickening and you haven't finished your work? Things are not moving as you expect them to move?

You are struggling. You find yourself completely stuck. Then the fear comes, and the procrastination occurs and then you start hating yourself saying "how stupid am I" because I didn't do that right. 


But there is something in quantum physics, a process that all the readers should know about: 

It is the Quantum Energy.

It may sound too scientific, or abstract. However, applying the quantum energy in your life, not only makes you understand your decisions and thoughts, but it gives you the chance to expand your understanding of the world you live in. 


1. The Quantum Energy is everywhere

It is proven that all the cells in our world are composed of atoms and all the atoms are composed of 98% space. What is between those atoms is all energy. So we can say that an atom would be a yarn of energy. 

Why is the energy important to us?

All of our action has a reaction or "a trigger". For example, if you are watching a motivational video that really motivates you, it triggers you to take action. In other words, there are external forces that build your energy from the inside all the time, consciously and unconsciously.

2. The Quantum Energy is within your Environment

Have you ever been in the forest by yourself? Take a look at the flora and fauna around you.

There will be a certain type of plants wherever you go.

In the mountains, you will find fir trees and in the valley, you may find oak trees. This is a reality.

You are probably unlikely to find polar bears in the desserts or lions at the North Pole. Everything that surrounds us has to do with the environment: altitude, flora, fauna, air, water, and all of these because the earth is connected.

Therefore, if you hang out in a place where you cannot find growth, you must decide to leave it.

Does "growth" means always a place where you are the "tallest tree"? 

No, not at all. It is recommended to be the smallest tree among the giants or the trees which are taller than you. Afterall, a forest will always have three elements: 

The Brushwood. The Small trees. The Big Trees.

Where do you find yourself right now?

If you think you are a brushwood, you underestimate yourself. At the same time, if you say "I am a Big Tree"  you overestimate yourself.

When you are the small tree, you are the learner.  

3. How to apply quantum energy to your business lifestyle?

You are on the verge of understanding yourself more than ever before. The last thing you have to ask yourself is: How can I make full use of my quantum energy? Afterall,I am 98% energy of space! 

I hate when people complain about their time when we are 98% space.

We overcome time because you cannot put space in time, but you can put the time in space. 

From the quantum energy point of view, your business should focus on your space: Ideas, Environment, People, Innovative approaches, the space of your clients and the also the macroeconomic factors.

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