Find Your Perfect Lead Magnet in 15 Minutes

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A great Lead magnet or a Freebie is the 'secret sauce' that helps you build your e-mail list.

I find that many marketers and online business owners struggle with ideas on Lead Magnets, so I found this little 'hack' that you can use.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Search for "[YOUR NICHE HERE] Magazine"

Step 3: Write down the titles that intrigue you. The titles are valuable and tested ideas for a lead magnet. 

Step 4: Write a short how-to, cheatsheet, e-book where you solve the problem asked in the title (you can repurpose the idea for a blog post or a video tutorial).  If you can’t make the freebie yourself, get it done on Fiverr!

Step 5: Use ClickFunnels to build your lead capture funnel

Step 6: Send traffic through Facebook Ads or Solo Ads. Udimi is a good place to start with solo ads. 

Step 7: Watch your list grow! You can use AWeber or ConvertKit to build an automated e-mail follow up sequence to keep providing value to the people who signed up (and sell your products via your list).  

A quick example

Here is an example, taken from the golf niche: 

I searched for 'golf magazine' on Google Images and I got this result (i picked a random cover): 


There are at leats 5-7 lead magnet ideas in just ONE cover.

- 5 tips for winter golf

- Know your rules (test, quiz)

- How to hit every fairway

- How to secure perfect alignment - every time!

- Three drills for better tempo

- Instant tips for better ball striking 


It also works for "Entrepreneur Magazine" or any other niche (most niches have their own magazines). 

If you use this method, you'll quickly have a ton of catchy, already tested ideas for your lead magnet.

I hope that it helps you and saves you some time and frustrations coming up with the perfect lead magnet idea!


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