How To Increase Your Self-Discipline

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To increase your self-discipline, you have to begin by understanding that it is a trait of character which countless people lack, but it is also an attribute that can be developed and improved upon over time, just like a muscle. But how do you build, increase and develop more willpower?

Since the dawn of time, there is evidence that discipline is a crucial element in life to achieve any worthy objective. You may believe that self-discipline mostly boils down to having a motive to follow a goal, sticking to it and bringing it to completion.

Yet, it is much more accurate than that! It is all about your capacity to resist instant gratification through your wishes and impulses. It is about your ability to keep the focus on the goal ahead and what has to be done to achieve it efficiently.

Furthermore, it is also about being proactive. You have to create, live and follow a precise set of standards and rules which will keep you aligned with your goal or task at hand, and this each day.

Such self-will implicates a real commitment to long-term gains rather than short-term ones. It is a feature that can be considered as a quality, and since you are building, developing, and improving it; you have to let it become a habit that creates a strong support for you to attain your objective.

Building Consistency and Discipline

You should realize you need to have consistency in your actions which in turn helps you build discipline which consequently helps you achieve your objective. So consistency and discipline do go hand in hand.

You should also know what it takes for you to realize your desired outcome. So, you have to exploit these ideas and thoughts and make an action plan for you to reach your goal. Next, you have to create an array of little milestones, which you should follow step by step daily.

Begin building and working towards your objective in small chunks. This way, you do not get too overwhelmed, and it will give you some control over the tasks you have to work on. It is also an excellent way to avoid procrastination.

It is of extreme importance that for you to build such discipline, you have to take progressive steps, day by day, and maintain the rudder of your ship at all times.

If you want a better life, you have to make better decisions and develop better and stronger willpower. You cannot go around and blame other people for your lack of results or happiness in life.

Developing Self-Discipline

Self-discipline which I consider a great quality is not something that is natural. It is something that you or anyone else can develop and improve over time. It is like going to the gym or get into some sportive activity, just like a muscle getting stronger by being used and trained.

But you need to remember that it is not only about the abilities you improve, but also about the actions you take in your life. To be a self-disciplined mind, you have to be ready and willing to take whatever risks is required to do the job.

It means that you should never be hiding in the back of the class, but rather get in front so as to move forward until you accomplish your aim.

To cultivate self-discipline, you need to stay on course. Keep your goals in mind. Know that the biggest enemy to reach your desires is always the path of least resistance. If you choose the road of smooth over what is necessary but maybe hard, you will never realize the objectives, success or happiness you are able of achieving in your life.

Tips to Have and Increase Your Willpower

  • Have a strong desire to achieve a particular goal as self-discipline needs inspiration and motivation.
  • Remember that every great victory requires great sacrifice. Therefore, make sacrifices in the form of time, effort, and hard work.
  • Find mentors or role models that push you upward. And keep yourself accountable to bring the best results.
  • Have a plan to get there, and get a clear vision of what you want and a clear deadline in place. Be consistent with it and repeat day in and day out.
  • Discipline yourself to follow your actions through until the end.
  • Build the habit of choosing what is hard and necessary over what is fun and easy to do.
  • Take actions to make your goals reality because life changes only to the extent that you change.
  • Cultivate qualities such as patience, persistence, enthusiasm, tenacity, courage, optimism and passion for nourishing your willpower.
  • Visualize your desired outcomes. Act as if you were already successful.
  • Keep going if you encounter failure and adversity. Face the challenges in life and endure them long enough to succeed. No one else is going to climb the ladder of success for you.
  • Create small milestones to increase your willpower and move forward by making decisions that contribute to your objectives.
  • Self-discipline is committing to do whatever it takes, no matter the challenges and how hard it may be.
  • Use other’s experience to better discipline yourself along your journey.
  • Get inspired and enjoy the process to maintain a high level of self-discipline.
  • Do not blame, complain or use excuses.

It is critical that you keep the fire burning. So, you could get inspiration from books, from videos, from people, from quotes, from movies, or from a vision board. You could also find inspiration by reading other people’s biography and how they survived difficulties on their way to success.

If I am telling you this, it is because the immense tragedy of life is that most people, having no more hope, give up right before accomplishing their goals. They had already overcome the mountains, waters, barriers, and walls on their path, and all they needed was a final step around the corner to make it.

Sadly, right before that turn, so many people give up then and there, without understanding how close they were. Therefore, by learning to increase your self-discipline, it will help you cross that final stride to reach your long awaited victory.


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