How To Maintain Consistency In Your Actions

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To maintain daily consistency in their actions is surely a major problem for people when they try to improve things in their lives, and also the fact that they never do take much action at all. But why does it happen?

Apart from the fact of taking very little action being already a downside, they don’t maintain consistency in their actions over a long enough time to see results.

I agree, consistency is somehow not an inspiring or sexy word in personal improvement. But combined with time, it will bring you genuine outcomes in your life.

Putting up with your plan and agenda and doing things with consistency brings usually incredibly and extremely astonishing results. It is not something which needs to be done only when you feel inspired but every day, day in and day out.

Please, do not strive for imaginary perfection because it doesn’t happen and you will be disappointed. Just know that difference and stumbling blocks are interesting and learning experiences in life.

Of course, you have room for improvement. The following 7 tips could be used to establish what is needed to maintain consistency in your actions overtime in your life.

1. Don’t listen to your inner voice.

Don’t listen to your inner voice and feelings or you will procrastinate. Push it aside. You are the one in charge and you can do whatever you want. So do things even when you don’t feel like doing it.

2. Maintain consistency.

Don’t focus on the results but emphasis on showing up and doing the job. The outcomes will come anyway while you maintain consistency in your actions. It is much easier for you to have that consistency and take action when you only center on the process at hand, than to use your energy to think that you will reach your goal soon.

By emphasizing only on the process you will take it more easy on yourself and have the desire to keep going, as results never come as fast as you hope for, thus not being this way on a roller coaster of emotions.

3. Make use of a daily routine.

This is an extremely dominant tip. You simply write down your agenda or routine in the evening before so that as soon as you get up, you know what to begin with. It is a very fine way to do things because you can accomplish your priorities in the morning.

We, human beings have a resilient predisposition to stay in our comfort zone. it is often the number one reason why a poor start frequently brings a bad day and an excellent day start regularly steers us toward a good day.

4. Go with your passion or hobby.

It is way easier to keep going and follow your agenda and maintain consistency in your actions if you are passionate or at the least like what you are doing like a hobby or such. So find what is best for you.

5. Use a vision board.

The concept is creating and having a vision board. You can create such board by simply writing down or having pictures of what you really want, a habit or a natural part of your life. Place your desires on a post-it, on your computer screensaver, on the wall on front of you, etc.

I use a whiteboard on my wall and a screensaver on my computer with phrased words and pictures. This way I keep reminding myself, and I keep my focus on the most important without being distracted by other things around me.

6. Forget the past.

Forget what you were or was doing a few years ago, last month, last week or even yesterday. You need to start thinking more and more of yourself as the person you want to be, so imagine yourself as that person.

You will shift back and forth between your old and new self-images but overtime the new will take over and the person you want to become will be consistent in your mind; thus becoming a second nature to you.

7. Let go of low self-esteem.

Don’t feel disappointed with yourself if you make a mistake or don’t do something, because whatever you do during your day sends subconscious signals back to what kind of person you think you are.

Instead, brush it off, keep going by being effective, be kind to yourself and take a rest so you feel good again. Getting negative or just plain mean to yourself is calling for self-destruction and you feel worse than before.

Just know that there is no escape from yourself. You will always have a price to pay. This is how to maintain consistency in your actions to become the person you want to be and even a better one.


Sergei VanBellinghen, Founder & CEO of First-Class Lifestyle, currently a Self-Development & Success Expert Consultant, using self-development techniques to help you succeed and have a better life. Visit my website at

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