How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

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The concept of how to reprogram your subconscious mind is supported by this short story, which is the best way to immerse its education in your mind. It is the role of such mythical stories, which by their wise illustration provides you with guidelines, explaining the differences between subliminal actions and behavior errors.

Together, we’ll go through a story in perfect harmony with the ultimate goal that you would like to reach, shaping your material world according to your desires.

The Story is Called: “The Sultan that Had Lost All his Teeth”

One day, the sultan dreamed that he had lost all his teeth. He woke up, frightened, and brought a wise man to interpret his dream.

"What a pity! Said the sage. Each lost tooth represents the loss of a close relative of your Majesty.” "Insolent! Cried the sultan. How dare you say such a thing? "

The Sultan called in the guards and ordered that he should be given a hundred lashes.

Then he commanded that another wise man got called to interpret his dream. The other sage came and said: "Majesty, a great happiness awaits you! The dream indicates that you will survive all your loved ones! "

The face of the Sultan lit up and he ordered that was given to the wise man one hundred gold coins.

When the sage left the palace, an aristocrat asked him: "How is this possible ? The interpretation you made is the same as that of your colleague, yet he was beaten, while the sultan gave you gold coins!”

"Remember always, friend, said the wise man to him, that it all depends in the way we say things”.

As you can see here, the first sage interpreted the sultan’s dream in a negative way: "What a pity", while the second had interpreted it in a positive way: "What happiness". But you think, like many other people, that only wise men use this teaching in their daily life.

Change Your Subconscious

Now let me ask you…why shouldn’t you? What is stopping you?

Well, your subconscious is stopping you, it is your most faithful servant but it doesn’t understand negation. You really need to keep this truth to mind ALL THE TIME.

Your subconscious mind IS the Sultan.

One thing is certain; you can mold yourself to the way your unconscious functions and obtain results that satisfy you, but it cannot be done the other way around. To make it simple, it will not change its way of functioning.

It is like a computer, it has a program mode, and YOU need to learn its way of functioning, to reprogram your subconscious mind so as to be able to reach its core, and to get the most and the best out of him.

If you check, you have already found out that your subconscious mind is always right.

I am going to give again THE formula: your subconscious does NOT understand NEGATION!

It doesn’t understand at all the difference between the Reality and the Imaginary. He hears debt, he gives you debts. He hears noise, he gives you noise. Do you start understanding what I am telling you...? But as soon as you use it properly, it does what you want.

5 Tips to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind:

  1. Talk to your unconscious, speak his language so he understands you in the direction you want and not the opposite.
  2. Tell him what you want and imagine yourself, daily, being where you want as if you are there already.
  3. Reprogram your subconscious mind using subliminal messages or repeat positive affirmations to yourself each day and believe in them. Repetitions imprint those declarations deeper in your mind, or write them down 25 times to establish them even deeper.
  4. Not only you have to say and believe your "affirmations" without a doubt in your mind, but, at the same time, obviously, do not feel the lack of your statements as they shall be erased.
  5. Afterwards, do not dwell on things you asked for or thought about, as it will cancel your thoughts automatically. Give your unconscious room to create the opportunities. So just let it go, let it happen!

It is A Permanent Exchange!

It must be understood that in any case, you are constantly in conversation with your subconscious. Each micro moment of your life is an application that sets up your future time. It is the power of “how to reprogram your subconscious mind” to make things happen.

You continually broadcast a feeling which is an order to the universe, a mold towards the uncreated matter. But this mold comes back toward you filled with these vibrations, and this is what constitutes the daily life around you.

If you say "I find the perfect job," but you feel the nervousness of your current job or the anguish of being unemployed, that is what will be the outcome. There needs to be consistency in your words, in your feelings and in your actions.

Each of these elements are the vibration requests you emit to the universe. When these elements are in alignment, you are also in alignment, with your subconscious and the universe, and the results will exceed your expectations.

The power of subconscious mind to make things happen.

And to conclude about the how to reprogram your subconscious mind, I like to say that we all have that capacity, all of us, as our subconscious mind is a force from within us, where the rational and intuitive mind come together, in synchronization.


Sergei VanBellinghen, Founder & CEO of First-Class Lifestyle, currently a Personal Growth & Success Expert, using self-development techniques to help you succeed and have a better life. Visit my website at

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