How To Start My Own Internet Business. The Must Know Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur

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How To Start My Own Internet Business. The Must-Know Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur 

It doesn't seem like that long ago when I asked google how to start my own internet business, after finding a quality product to sell and starting a blog I want to share what I believe to be the must know steps to becoming an entrepreneur

Before you get into the steps to becoming an entrepreneur I want to add some more value at the top of this article for you by sharing these two important factors for success.  

1) Know your strengths and passions. Build your business on these two qualities, you'll have a much easier time getting started and keeping the hunger, motivation and fulfillment it takes to stay successful. Use your strengths and passions to identify your niche and then within your niche focus on where you can find a way to be different and make a difference. What are the other people in your niche not taking full advantage of?

2) You must have a never ending hunger to be successful. You need to be hungry to learn, grow, give and contribute. In order to keep your hunger, you should know and always keep in mind the reasons why you're starting your business and what you ultimately want to accomplish.

Now, to your question how to start my own internet business. Here are the must-know steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Take Action - You Can't Succeed Unless You Take The First Step

The hardest part of getting anything done is starting. So many people are talkers, they talk about what they want, what they need, and what they'll do when the time is right. I'm telling you there will never be a perfect time to start. The time to start is now, you need to make this a top priority, your lifestyle and dreams depend on it. Don't be a talker, be a person of action. You're going to need to take a chance, there is risk involved but there has never been a better opportunity to become an entrepreneur than right now.

The digital communication/sharing world we live in is perfect for starting a business. So take your first step and I'll send you a free 7-day video series that my mentors sent me when I took my first step. When you do you'll be welcomed into the entrepreneurship club with support and plenty of help to get started. Our entrepreneur club constantly helps by sharing ideas, actions, and advice. We like to see each other succeed, it helps our own businesses by driving our hunger and motivation.  

  • Make A Plan

how to start my own internet business. steps to becoming an entrepreneur

So you got over the first hump and decided to take action in the steps to becoming an entrepreneur, that's great and you should be excited for yourself, so lets get started on the important questions. What are the next steps to becoming an entrepreneur and the next step in answering how to start my own internet business? You need to consider whether you are going to provide a service or sell a product? Do you have a product of your own to sell? Do you want to sell someone else's product? Do you have knowledge or skills to offer? Is there an idea you want to expand on?

Marketing and promoting other peoples/company's products online is, in my opinion, the perfect way to get started. You can make a lot of money by promoting products that you love and are passionate about, it's the perfect business startup for any new entrepreneur. If you don't have a product/service but still want to start your own business check this out. It's a startup business in a bundle and even if you do have a product or service the above link can teach you how to promote whatever it is you have to offer. The above link offers an educational tool that provides lessons and blueprints for online business startups.  

  • Execute And Learn

Your plan will not be perfect. No business plan ever created has been perfect so do not spend too much time on tweaking it for perfection. It's important to know that the journey of an entrepreneur is a learn as you go progress. You will need to have patience, the overwhelming odds are you will not be an overnight success, there's a good chance you won't succeed your first time but that's part of what makes this life so exciting and incredibly rewarding when you do succeed. Go back and revisit your plan consistently, make sure you're staying on course or change anything you think necessary. Seek feedback during this process and listen to the advice of the people ahead of you that have succeeded.

  • Fail

Failure is like a rite of passage in the entrepreneur world, that's why I'm including it in the steps to becoming an entrepreneur. Something will go wrong, it could be a number of things but what you need to do is not let it kill your hunger and drive. Stay inspired and motivated. There are many ways of dealing with failure but the most important thing you can do is take one action step toward overcoming it, then a second, third, fourth and so on until you overcome your challenges. Failure will be an important step to becoming successful in starting your own internet business. It'll teach you about your business and yourself. The lessons you learn in this step will help you throughout the rest of your life. 

  • Learning Curve

At first, you will feel intimidated with all the new language, systems, and knowledge but once you get the hang of it all you'll realize the amazing learning experience you went through and the new knowledge you acquire is mind blowing stuff. Realize you don't need to know everything. Like I said before there will always be someone you can ask for help at any stage along the way. When you're first starting don't compare yourself to the experienced business leaders, the difference could seem insurmountable but the only real difference is time. You will be at the same place as the people you're looking up to are as long as you keep doing the work and putting in the time. 

  • You start succeeding!

Eventually, you start succeeding in a business that you love. You will be living the dreamhow to start my own internet business. steps to becoming an entrepreneur! You will have answered your question how to start my own internet business. Most people only talk about doing what they love for work but you'll be one of the few that took action and made a commitment to build a life and create a business doing what you love. When you asked yourself how to start my own internet business this is what you had in mind. Be happy and excited for yourself because you overcome your failures and fears.  

  • Improving Your System

After reaching a certain point of success you will have learned more than you ever thought possible. You can start making vast improvements to your system and optimize your business through things like outsourcing, creating teams, and taking on partners. This is a point where you have choices and options to direct your business down whichever avenue or adventure you choose. At this point, you have mastered the steps to becoming an entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneurship is reserved for the most determined people that have a desire to create a life they love and build something of their own. It is an evolutionary journey that requires consistent learning and implementation of new ideas. You need to have a hunger for knowledge and a want to provide value to the world. You will go through multiple panic fits to "this is awesome" feelings but you will learn to overcome the panic phase faster and make the awesome feeling last longer each time you go through them. This journey will take an investment of time and most likely money so there is risk involved. As long as you have the desire and hunger to keep on truckin through the steps then the compensation of time and money will be rewarded back to you tenfold and beyond to however far you want to take it.

So here you go, this is your opportunity to take the first step to becoming an entrepreneur, be a person of action here. I hope I have provided some insight on answering how to start my own internet business, take action and follow through so I can help guide you through the entire process.


Figuring out how to start my own internet business was an exciting time for me and I hope it will be the same for you. Make sure to follow all the steps to becoming an entrepreneur and let me know how your progress is going in the comment section below.

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