How To Successfully Restarting Life In Your 60s

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Restarting life in your 60s is much easier than what it seems like

Restarting life in your 60s might sound tricky or even scary, but with the correct mindset, the truth is different.

In an interesting article in Huffington Post Margaret Manning reveals in “60 Ways to Find Meaning in Life After 60,” the results from a survey among 43,000 members of the Sixty and Me community.

Interesting to see that “Growing an online business” is highly ranked in the survey.

One of the most read articles since I started my blog two and half years ago is “How Do You Start Your Life Over at 50+”

In some way, the age of 50 is a sort of milestone in life where a lot of things in your environment start to change. It can be anything from your private life to the professional part of your life.

Now we take the topic one step further with the challenge of restarting life in your 60s.

The most common reason why people have to restart their lives at the age 60+ is financially related. There can be many different reasons behind, but when the financial reality hits you, you need to do something about it.

The first and immediate step to take, will, of course, be to make a budget based on the current situation. Maybe you have to renegotiate better deals on your phone and Internet. Perhaps you have to cut certain costs that for a long time have been monthly commodities you have been accustomed to.

To put some kind of label on this first step to take, let’s call it the boring part.

The Second Step To Restarting Life In Your 60s

undefinedThe second and more exciting part will be to make a sort of skill inventory. At the age of 60, you have a long life of experience to rely on.

In spite of all young talents appearing every day, making smart and tremendously innovative progress, they lack something. Life experience!

Taste that candy for a while. How does it feel?

The experience gained in life combined with all new technology available for everyone can make you unique.

Restarting life in your 60s can suddenly become an asset for you, which can change your life in a way that you couldn't imagine before.

Am I too old to get started online?

undefinedLife is much more than work and earning money. A well-balanced lifestyle should include all passions of yours, no matter if work-related or belonging to any other area of your interest. Perhaps, you can start to play golf again with your friends. Something that earlier was difficult to do due to all duties at work and home.

In my case, I started to train for marathon running in a serious way at the age of 57. The balance between my passion for running and the new enthusiasm for doing business online changed my life completely just a couple of years ago.

Being a typical baby boomer, online marketing wasn’t anything I had on my agenda. But after coming across a system that covered absolutely everything, I opened up my eyes and decided to give it a try.

Am I too old to get started online?

This is one of the most FAQs from people of the age of 50+, and the best way to get a correct answer is to let Stuart Ross, the co-founder of the community I belong to, give his opinion about it.

This video was a turning point in my life, at the age of 61.

Restarting your life in the 60s can be something very positive if you decide to let it happen. But you need to re-engineer your life to open it up for a new lifestyle. A life that was once full of routines and repetition is now open to all kinds of opportunities.

Click the box below and try yourself how you can mold your life into something great and passionate.

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