How to Surprise Yourself with Your Best Christmas Gift Ever

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The best Christmas gift to yourself could change your life

Your best Christmas gift is waiting for you. But you need to mentalize yourself that you deserve it. Giving yourself a gift is not a very common way of thinking, but why shouldn't it be allowed to surprise yourself sometimes?

Genuine happiness indeed is to give something to people you love, right? So, love yourself once and for all.

Santa always brings joy and happiness. On top of that, he uses to hand over some Christmas presents to people who have behaved well during the year. Of course, everyone in the room is the whitest sheep on earth.

Usually, all the children are happy and enthusiastic when opening their presents. But what about all the adults in the room? When you get that "terrible" tie that for sure you will never use, and your sister asks if you like it. What do you say? For sure, a new big fat white lie, or….?

Christmas time is also an excellent time to think through what happened during the year that will come to an end within a few days. What resolution will you have for the year to come? Are you thinking about a change in the way you're living? Will it be the year when you would like to "fly with your own wings" and not be a "passenger on your boss' life journey?"...Read more!>>


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