How To Visualize What You Want Correctly

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It is true that when you know how to visualize what you want correctly, you do manifest it. We all possess this awesome power within. However, most of us are unable to use it effectively. Nearly everyone who believes in visualization agrees that it is an intricate part of the creation process.

But how can it help you create your reality? What can you do to use it effectively? Where is it hidden? How can you tap into the power of visualization?

Well, we are told that to create what we want, and in order to line up with the right frequency, we have to visualize whatever it is that we desire. The ability to visualize is used by great athletes, peak performers and successful people in all fields.

In fact, the more clearly you can see your desires, the more easily they will come into your life. Some books and courses say that it is the act of visualizing that does actually create. Are there a right way and a wrong way to do it?

First and foremost, I believe that when you visualize something, the act, in itself, is not how you create what you want. Instead, picturing and imagining your desires is a powerful tool that you can use to receive the right energy frequency to manifest what you want into reality.

The Loss to Play 'Pretend’ and Visualize

When you imagine what you want in your mind, you have to realize that it becomes an essential part of the creation process. We are all born with the ability to visualize. As a child, you called it ‘playing pretend.’

If you give any child a cardboard box, seconds later, he is seating in a spaceship on its way to another planet. So, as he plays 'Pretend,’ he actually sees and experiences the voyage and all the associated surroundings in his mind’s eye.

However, when you grow up, you get educated out of using this ability. You never lose it, but you forget that you have this capacity as it gets buried away. Your parents and peers tell you to grow up.
You learn that you do not have the time to daydream anymore because life gets in the way.

Why the Need to Visualize

But what is visualization for? The answer is that when you visualize when you pretend that what you want has already happened or when you play out scenarios in your head, you have a great chance to rule out and eliminate any conflicting vibrations.

Remember that in order to line up with your manifestation and to receive it into the physical world, you have to vibrate at the same frequency than that of your desires. Thus, it means that you cannot have any different vibration while wanting something.

Therefore, when you visualize, it can help you get rid of any conflicting thoughts you might have.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

Let’s say that you want a new car. So you sit down in a quiet place and visualize yourself sitting in the car. You feel the leather seat, smell the new carpet, and notice the entire interior. Then you see your hands on the steering wheel. You smile.

But one of the back doors is open, and your kids get in. Suddenly, they begin to make a mess, and one of them drops his drink which now ruins your new car. Now, what is the point of this little story? Whenever you visualize, daydream or play pretend, your thoughts begin to take a life on their own.

Without you realizing it, your thoughts and feelings may well take a negative path. Then you unexpectedly feel frustrated, even angry or seeking revenge on some people. What I want to say is that you need to pay attention when it happens.

Visualize to Change Wrong Beliefs

It is your brain translating those frequencies that are not serving you. In the little example story I mentioned above, the frustration and anger you experienced might support your belief that you cannot have a luxury car as long as you have children.

Perhaps your belief is even bigger which makes you think you cannot have anything nice or luxurious because you somehow feel that you do not deserve it, that it is impossible or that you do not have enough potential.

It is not true, of course, but as long as you have any negative belief, it will keep you from getting what you want. You are simply not on the same frequency than what you desire. So, when you visualize, it is basically like a dry run for life.

How to Visualize Correctly

As you visualize and play pretend daily, it allows you to practice, to feel your way through situations, and find out where you still hiding or believing negative vibrations. Let’s look at another example. You are a person who is looking to find the right partner.

So you lie in bed each night imagining the perfect person. However, for some reason, you do not see it as being perfect. Somewhere in your visualization, in what real life would be like, that person always does something to hurt you. As a result, you begin now to see a pattern and realize that what you picture still end up in some negative way.

So, to visualize what you want correctly, you need to begin on changing that vision. You have to find ways or play different scenarios that do show a negative end. Instead, see what you want as for how you would like it to be. It is quite difficult and uncomfortable at first, but each time that you practice, it gets a little easier.

Continue to Visualize

After a while, you can visualize what you want in an all-new way. You can see an all different situation. And in so doing, you just shifted your mindset and your vibration frequency.

Keep practicing until you feel really good about your vision and until there is nothing negative left for you to put it up with.

Continue to visualize until you clearly see what you want. Visualization can be a very powerful, yet gentle tool to help you work through resistance if appropriately used. This process can aid you to shift, get rid of or eliminate undesirable feelings.

A Few More Tips on How to Visualize

  • Make a full body experience. See details. Hear sounds. Smell odors. Feel and touch. Get all of your senses involved.
  • Really ‘play pretend’ the way you used to as a child.
  • Get multimedia help if you have difficulty visualizing. Find songs that inspire you to get into the daydream mood.
  • Find images on the internet. Print them and paste them to create a vision board.
  • Have fun with it. As a child, you played easily. Get that same attitude now.
  • Never force yourself to visualize at some strict time. Do it when it feels right.
  • Pay attention to where that visualization takes you.
  • Take time out of your day to ‘play pretend.’
  • Play until you can control the entire visualization, and until you feel so right about everything you are experiencing.

My Final Advice

And remember that looking at pictures is not enough. You have to get into the fantasy and really play it out in your mind in order to see if you hold any conflicting feelings that stop you from getting what you want.

Once you learn how to visualize what you want correctly, at one point, it will become like a game. When it does, and you can easily see yourself having what you desire with no conflicting thoughts, the things you want will come to you with much less difficulty.

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