How To Write A Buisness Letter In 6 Easy Steps

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How To Write A Buisness Letter 6 Easy Steps

When writing sales letters do you find that you sometimes go blank, or perhaps the message just won’t seem to come together. Not to worry, this is quite a common problem for business owners.

Here are seven tips that can help you write more effectively and create better sales letters.

1, Write as if you where the customer, see it from thier side. How many do you think they get  a day?. Imagine that you have recieved the letter. Give them the information they need. Too often sales letters describe the product in great detail rather than explain the benefits to the customer.

Remember you only have one chance to capture the interest of the customer. One shot at showinhg your product is capable of fulfilling thier need.  Make each posting count, so that you are not missing out on business opportunities.

2.Style the letter as if it where an essay,

  • 2a, Start with a short descrition of what you are going to say. (The introduction).
  • 2b,Say it. (This is the main body of the text the pitch if you like)
  • 2c, Summarise by telling them what you just said. (Describing te benefits of your product to the buyer).

This has been the essence of essay and letter writing for years. Don’t forget to say why you are writing, eg ‘I see your company uses ‘so and so’, in which case I fell that our new product will fit very nicely within your marketring/manufacturing guidelines.

Actionated terms– Limited time, (Urgency) Limited amount, (Hard to get). A few customers only, (exclusivity).

3. Make the letter simple clear and concise. Most business letters are diguarded because the are overburdened by too much information. When a customer opens you letter, time is not on your side, you will have a few seconds only to whet thier appetite. Don’t make it hard for them to get the message.

4.Try short sentences, speak in a friendly manner, (Don’t be too formal). Make the paragraphs short, using bullet points to highlight certain facts or benefits. Let It flow, try and be natural. Don’t rush them, give them time to take a breath.

Also and very importantly grab thier attention by using good, stong headlimes. Design the headline so that the customer wants to read the rest. Perhaps draw them in with a bold statement.

Don’t forget, however. when using such statements you will have to deliver!

5. Make each sentence interesting and allow them to flow naturally into each other. This helps the customer to engage and continue reading until the end. Make them hungry for more and demand thier curiosity.

6. Show the benefits of your product, show how it will help them effortlessly solve a problem. Remember people buy from people, Make sure it’s you! Always end with a call to action. Direct the customer as to what to do next. Too many business letters do not ask for a close out so that the reader is left wondering what to do next. Help them to move forward, show them clearly where to go next. (Apply here). (Click the link). (Further enquiries).

Provide all your contact details including social media.


(KISS, keep it simple stupid).

Help them to easily buy the product that you are telling them about.

Offer a promotion if they take action, or an upgrade, or a freebie.


Tell them what you have.

Engage then.

Point out the benefits to them.

Allow the to buy with ease.

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